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Orphan Care . . . Why Should You Care?

Reasons to Care About Orphan Care

Orphan Care Sunday - November 2, 2014 What’s the big deal?  Why should you care? Is this a new concept drummed up to play on your emotions or a legitimate cause for compassion? Let’s look at what Scripture has to say. Five Reasons You Should Care About Orphan Care God Cares Deuteronomy 10:14 – God executes justice […]

Gluten Free Crackers with Chia Seeds (and a Party Planning Package!)

Gluten Free Crackers

This post contains affiliate links. Today’s recipe is the result of three very different things. . . 1) a family interest in running 2) a Natural Spa Party Planning Guide 3) a gluten free diet There really will be a recipe for gluten free crackers at the end . . . bear with me while I explain […]

6 Silly Ping Pong Ball Games

Silly Ping Pong Ball Games

We were recently given a set of ping pong balls. We don’t have a ping pong table, so I started thinking up other things we could do with them. These are all a little silly, but some days just need a few giggles added to them. Silly Ping Pong Ball Games Ping Pong Ball Drop Place […]

(Cheesy) Beef and Rice {Family Favorite}

beef and rice

We eat supper daily, so you’d think I could have posted a supper recipe before now.  There are just a few problems with my supper recipes: I probably didn’t use a recipe If I did use one I probably didn’t follow it If I did follow the recipe it probably came from someone else’s blog! This […]

60 Homeschool Tips From 60 Years – Review and Giveaway! {9/23/14-9/30/14}

60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 Years

Are you a homeschooler?  Could you use some inspiration and encouragement?  Silly questions, right? Thanks to two veteran homeschool moms, you can have that right at your fingertips!  These ladies are on your side.  They’ve been in your shoes.  They know how some of your days roll, and they’re sharing their best tips in this […]