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Refresh Your Soul Scripture Memory Challenge

Refresh your soul with a Scripture memory challenge! So much in this world can dry up your bones. Only the Word of God can truly restore your soul.

  There’s an awful lot in this world that can dry up your bones and make your soul start to shrivel. If you want to keep your spirit fresh and your soul strong to face the day with hope and courage, you need to be dwelling on the right things.   “Set your mind on the things above, not on the […]

20 Fun Dates You Can Enjoy At Home

Have your date nights become stale? You need to laugh together. Here are 20 easy and fun dates you can enjoy right at home - no babysitter required!

  This list was inspired by my husband who recently asked me to make a list of fun things for us to do during our weekly at-home dates. Weekly at-home date night has been a tradition with us for years. Our usual go-to activities are playing board or card games, watching movies or just talking. Lately, though, we’ve hit […]

Women Who Challenge Me To Be The Best Mom I Can Be

These moms have been in your shoes. Pull up a chair, and let their practical wisdom encourage, challenge and strengthen you to be the best mom you can be.

Friends, we cannot do this mom thing on our own. Every one of us desperately needs God’s wisdom and sustaining grace. We also need each other.     Since I can’t introduce (most of) you to the “iron women” I rub shoulders with in real life, I bring you today the voices of ten such people I’ve […]

Simple Gifts to Give Your Child Every Day

Here are 7 simple gifts to give your child that will help you develop a strong relationship with them and give you the opportunity influence their heart.

  Do you remember growing pains? Not the TV show but the real, relentless aches that may have shown up after a long, hard day of play when you were a kid? Not everyone gets them, but I have very clear memories of crying during supper when I was seven, because I couldn’t get away from the […]

Fruit of The Spirit for Kids: Preschool Activities

Treat your kids to some fun, flavorful activities that will help them understand the fruit of the Spirit.

Hi!  I’m Courtney from Mommy & Her Men and I’m so honored today to be guest posting for Abi! She has some great things to say about being an example of the Fruits of the Spirit for her children and this excites me to no end. Today I’d like to share a resource for being intentional […]