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How To See A Bad Day As Holy To The Lord

Do you ever feel like the struggle in your days forebodes failure? It's not true! Come see how even a bad day can be holy to the Lord.

I recently saw this graphic, accompanied by the words below, in The Busy Mom’s facebook feed. (The Busy Mom blog is a great place to go for mothering inspiration and encouragement.) This is the story of motherhood. The struggle is worth it! You are stronger than you know. Neh. 8:10   It caught my attention because I’ve been having my […]

Do You Need A Fresh Perspective, Mom?

Fresh Perspective for Moms

  “Mom, you is SO crazy!” exclaimed my oldest daughter (age 5 1/2) as she came to the table for supper one night recently. Slightly bemused and a little perplexed, my husband asked, “Why do you say that?” “Because this food looks really yummy!” she stated, as though he was crazy for not having noticed himself.   […]

Super Summer Salad Recipes {No Mayo!}

Summer Salad Recipes

  Summer is a time for outdoor eating – picnics, BBQs, family reunions and supper at the park. Salads make great side dishes for those occasions, but . . . it’s sometimes a pain to keep them properly chilled. My solution is to make salads that don’t need to be chilled. This week I’m sharing some of […]

Summer Adventure Books for Boys or Girls + Family Fun Activity Resources

Summer Adventure Books for Boys or Girls

  Summertime! It may not hit the calendar for a couple weeks, but school’s out and the weather is getting steamy. Summer adventures are ready to begin. One of my favorite summer memories is mom reading aloud to us during the summer. I would sit with my brothers and sister in the water at the edge of our […]

Replace Toxic Products: DIY Recipes for Cleaning Products & More

Easy DIY Recipes to Replace Toxic Products

  Our world is filled with toxins we can’t avoid. You can’t always choose what air to breathe or what water to drink. You can, however, choose to replace toxic products you may use in your home or on your body! Here’s a list of easy DIY recipes for cleaning products as well as other household items and personal products that can help […]