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March Holidays and Birthdays 2015

March Holidays, Birthdays and Fun Days

  February has flown by as usual, so it’s already time for a list of March holidays and birthdays – plus a couple fun days! There’s a hoard of ridiculous days not even worth mentioning this month . . . We’re going to focus on the amazing number of famous birthdays instead. A couple miscellaneous holidays are […]

27 Easy Indoor Activities You Can Do At Home

Easy Indoor Activities

Is it too wet, cold, hot or something to send the kids outside for extended amounts of time? No matter where in our world you live, I’m sure you have days like that. We’ve had a couple recently.  I usually default to cleaning and organizing projects or lots of read alouds. The kids aren’t’ too fond […]

Building Character In Kids: Courage and Love

Character in Kids: Courage and Love

Our world can be a harsh and threatening place to live – especially for kids. Do you want your kids to face difficult or hostile situations with courage? To love people even when those people despise them? It’s so easy to wish that all of life were carefree. I don’t naturally gravitate toward things that are difficult. Neither […]

Soft and Cakey Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies

Soft Chocolate Cookies

I love chocolate. My husband loves chocolate. My kids love chocolate. I really like fruit based desserts too, but everyone else prefers that dessert includes chocolate in some way. This recipe started out as one of H.’s favorites from his mom. He called them Wagon Wheels and they were dense, chewy and chocolatey. Kind of like a brownie […]

Celebrate Friendship with Picture Books

Celebrate Friendship with Picture Books

February is International Friendship Month February 11 is Make A Friend Day!  In honor of those two things I have a list of picture books that celebrate friendship. Each one demonstrates a valuable characteristic of good friendship. These are wonderful stories that can spark some great discussion about being a good friend as well as choosing good friends. Our family loves these […]