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Simple Thanksgiving Craft: Noodle Feather Turkey

Simple Turkey Craft

I don’t often think about making holiday crafts until the day itself rolls around. Planning ahead usually means looking up some ideas the night before. So, if we’re actually going to make something, I need to have the supplies on hand. Maybe that’s the reason that most of the Thanksgiving craft ideas floating around recently haven’t attracted much notice from me. These […]

Inspire Young Musicians to Practice Without Nagging, Bribing or Threatening

Inspire Musicians to Practice

Once upon a time our sons took piano lessons. They started with a great teacher and made some good progress. When we moved cross-country we wanted them to continue playing, so we found another teacher and continued on. That scenario worked OK, but getting them to practice was becoming more of a challenge. We thought a different […]

Squash Muffins: Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

Squash Muffins

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. These squash muffins are simple, un-spiced and not too sweet.  They make a great addition to breakfast or mid-morning tea snack. My mom used to make them for breakfast any time of year, so I never really thought of them as Thanksgiving fare. They came to mind right away, though, when Carissa at All […]

Clown Pancakes – A Birthday Tradition

Clown Pancakes A Birthday Tradition

Are the birthdays in your family spread throughout the year or clustered within just a couple months? We’re coming to the end of nearly six months without any birthdays in our family. If you ask my kids, its been a long dry spell! There have been many discussions over the last month or so regarding how […]

Slightly Cinnamon Yogurt Dip

Cinnamon Yogurt Dip

Do your kids like to eat food with dip?  Or would they rather just eat the dip? That usually makes me crazy, but I let them finish off a bowl of this Cinnamon Yogurt Dip with just a spoon. Its yummy on apples and graham crackers . . . or straight off the spoon.  Fingers work too! […]