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An Advent Countdown Tradition {with Free Printables}

  No denying it, receiving gifts is fun! We enjoy giving our kids gifts and watching the delight they have in receiving them. But we don’t want receiving gifts to be the greatest focus of the Advent Season. Because we want our kids to learn to be gracious givers, we started a new Christmas tradition a […]

Christmas Gifts Under 5 Dollars for Everyone On Your List!

  Finding just the right gift for everyone this time of year can be a challenge. Keeping your purchases within a reasonable budget can also be challenging. How would you like to find Christmas gifts under 5 dollars for everyone on your list? I’ve pulled together a list of over 40 items created or written by fellow bloggers. Each one can be […]

Are You Cultivating Compassion in a Selfish World?

  Have you ever gotten frustrated when other people didn’t seem to care about something you thought should matter to everyone? Happened to me last week. Sunday, November 8, 2015 was Orphan Sunday. As an adoptive and former foster parent, children without families who can care for them are close to my heart. I realize that not everyone is called to foster or […]

True Stories that Will Inspire Courage in Boys

  As the oldest child in my family, I always wished I had an older brother. For that reason I hoped that my first child would be a boy. Now that God has brought my desire to fruition – our oldest three children are boys – I’m not always quite sure what to do with them! How to […]

Do You Know How To Restore Your Joy?

  Hello, dear fellow mama. How’s your day going?   Are you content? Is your heart filled with joy? Or did you loose those qualities somewhere between the burnt breakfast and the last battle of wills with your challenging child? Does the thought of answering those questions make you smile? Or cause your eyes to fill up with tears?   […]