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Simple Gifts to Give Your Child Every Day

Here are 7 simple gifts to give your child that will help you develop a strong relationship with them and give you the opportunity influence their heart.

  Do you remember growing pains? Not the TV show but the real, relentless aches that may have shown up after a long, hard day of play when you were a kid? Not everyone gets them, but I have very clear memories of crying during supper when I was seven, because I couldn’t get away from the […]

Fruit of The Spirit for Kids: Preschool Activities

Treat your kids to some fun, flavorful activities that will help them understand the fruit of the Spirit.

Hi!  I’m Courtney from Mommy & Her Men and I’m so honored today to be guest posting for Abi! She has some great things to say about being an example of the Fruits of the Spirit for her children and this excites me to no end. Today I’d like to share a resource for being intentional […]

The Sweet Reward of Speaking Soft Words

Would you like to experience the sweet rewards of soft words in your relationships? Come see what the Bible has to say about the power of your tongue.

Today’s encouragement comes all the way from Australia! Thank you to Belinda from Live Life With Your Kids. Being on a different page with someone you love brings all sorts of emotions: disappointment, frustration, hurt, separation. We desperately want people to love us, to accept us, and agree with us. But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes our […]

Family Favorite Meaty Lasagna Recipe

Fill your family up twice with this simple, meaty lasagna recipe. Also great to make-ahead for company or deliver as a drop-off meal to another family.

Today’s post is from Anna Joy at Path Through the Narrow Gate. She’s sharing a recipe that is just right for us . . . when I ask my kids for menu planning suggestions, I can pretty much guarantee that one of them will ask for lasagna, and my husband will want to be sure there’s plenty of […]

Time To Rest

Is the Holy Spirit telling you its time to rest? Don't ignore that guidance. You don't have to do everything. Take time to refresh and renew yourself.

    First, a quick, heart-felt “Thank you” to those of you who faithfully read, comment on and share what I write here at Joy In My Kitchen. I’m honored that you let me speak and humbled that God has used my words to encourage or inspire you. Now let me say the following words are […]