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Healthy Snack Ideas For Home and On The Go

Keep your brain and body fueled between meals with these healthy snack ideas.   I strive to serve my family healthful, satisfying food. Still, someone (or everyone) is bound to claim hunger between meals. Busy brains and bodies need to stay nourished, so I’m always on the lookout for healthy snack ideas. You too? Check out some of […]

How To Get Kids to Listen the First Time

Ever wonder how in the world parents get kids to listen . . . at all, let alone the first time? Read on for three simple tricks. Here’s the secret . . . It’s not really about them! Getting kids to listen is more about you – about me – than it is about them. […]

Send Your Sponsor Child More Than Letters

Do you ever wonder what to write to or send your sponsor child? This list of seasonal ideas for every month will help you out!   About eight years ago, when the twins were just 4, our family began sponsoring a boy through Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope program. This came about after I met a […]

The Most Valuable Family Discussion You Can Have

Are you remembering to include the most important topic in your family discussion? These questions can help get you started.   As parents we talk to our kids about a lot of things. We fill their heads with information: character lessons, life skills, safety tips, history lessons, math facts, intriguing trivia . . . And […]

Setting Goals With Confidence

Are you ever afraid to leave your sweet spot when setting goals? Today we’re blessed to have Shannon Upton, Christian speaker and author, share part of her story along with a little encouragement from Gideon to follow God’s lead and leave your comfort zone this year.   New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. As an organizer, I […]