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Cooking With Kids + Peanut Butter Honey Popcorn Recipe

Cooking with kids can be fun as long as you're prepared! Learn what to expect when you let kids in the kitchen and try out some Peanut Butter Honey Popcorn.

  Surprise! I don’t usually post twice in a week, but I wanted to make sure you got to see my guest post over at Arabah Joy where I’m honored to participate in the Practical Parenting series. I’ve written about what you can reasonably expect when you let your kids into the kitchen with you! My thoughts came […]

Four Tips For Successfully Parenting Pre-Teens + Passport2Purity Review

Parenting pre-teens can be frustrating. Make it easier on yourself by following these four tips for success. Both you and your preteen will be glad you did.

These are my guys! Two of them are 11 years old and fit squarly into the pre-teen category.     I don’t think that term, pre-teen, was in use when I would have been one, but you hear it quite a lot these days. It generally refers to kids who don’t consider themselves kids anymore, but they can’t […]

Best Family Bible Books to Engage Your Kids With the Word of God

Start family Bible time today with some of the best family Bible books to introduce kids to the wonder of God and His Word. Great for multiple ages.

Hey, moms (and dads) who are trying to teach your kids about God and the Bible . . . Don’t give up!   I know first hand that it can be a struggle, especially when the kids are young. Wiggly bodies. Noisy tongues. Short attention spans. These distractions may make you wonder if family Bible time […]

A Pick-Me-Up Better Than Chocolate

Friends, there are days when I'm weary, anxious or discouraged. These are the times I need a pick-me-up better than chocolate. Come see what I've found.

Ever had a day when you woke up so weary you just wanted to crawl back in bed? Perhaps you’d rather crawl under a bed? Not your own of course, ’cause that’s where everyone would look. Maybe you’re like me and would rather hide in the pantry and sneak chocolate. Dark, thank you. Milk chocolate is just not […]

How To See A Bad Day As Holy To The Lord

Do you ever feel like the struggle in your days forebodes failure? It's not true! Come see how even a bad day can be holy to the Lord.

I recently saw this graphic, accompanied by the words below, in The Busy Mom’s facebook feed. (The Busy Mom blog is a great place to go for mothering inspiration and encouragement.) This is the story of motherhood. The struggle is worth it! You are stronger than you know. Neh. 8:10   It caught my attention because I’ve been having my […]