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Replace Toxic Products: DIY Recipes for Cleaning Products & More + Essential Oil Giveaway

Easy DIY Recipes to Replace Toxic Products

  Our world is filled with toxins we can’t avoid. You can’t always choose what air to breathe or what water to drink. You can, however, choose to replace toxic products you may use in your home or on your body! Here’s a list of easy DIY recipes for cleaning products as well as other household items and personal products that can help […]

Ways To Support Your Husband When He Works Overtime

When your husband works overtime - ways to support him

  My husband has been leaving for work a little early and coming home later than usual for several weeks. These few extra hours are only the beginning, but they have not come as a surprise. I’ve actually known for a couple years that this season was coming. This time last year, I was dreading the inevitable. I resented the […]

31 Heart-Revealing Questions to Ask Your Kids

Questions to Ask Your Kids

  Okay, that title makes it sound like these are significant, soul-searching questions! They’re not – at least on the surface. Over time, the answers can begin to reveal what makes your child tick. Patterns that emerge from the daily answers will show you what really matters to your child. Deep, heart-felt conversations are great, but they […]

Three Ways to Encourage Your Challenging Child

Encourage Your Challenging Child

  If you have a challenging child in your family, then you know they’re not always easy to connect with. Building and maintaining a close bond with kids who seem difficult to get along with can be, well . . . challenging. As hard as it can be on some days, though, connecting with the little (or not so little) […]

How To Eliminate Rudeness In Your Home

rude behavior

Have you noticed that our society is experiencing an epidemic of rudeness? I’m not sure if the problem has gotten worse lately or I’ve just become more sensitive to it, but I’m on a campaign to eliminate rudeness . . . at least in my own home! Will you join me? Rude behavior is all around us. We’re exposed […]