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Adapted Mind Math Review

This Adapted Mind math review was originally written in April of 2013.  At the time I was given a free month of usage.  We had been using the program for several months prior to writing the review and all opinions are my own. We have not used the program in about a year, so I don’t know […]

Painting With Kids: Marble Painting


Do you like to watch the changing patterns of the flames as fire burns?  Or stare at waterfalls because the flow of drops is continually rearranging itself?  Then you just might like marble painting!  Watching the marble roll around and leave tracks of paint has the same mesmerizing kind of effect.  Its hard to stop because its […]

Applesauce Muffins {with Gluten-Free Options}


Summer is winding down and apple picking season is just around the corner.  Apple picking means applesauce making!  I haven’t used up last year’s applesauce though, so applesauce muffins (cupcakes?) are showing up a lot at our house these days. I’ve had a fondness for these since childhood.   My mom used to make them for […]

Painting with Kids: Yarn Painting


Did you know your kids can enjoy painting even if you don’t own paintbrushes?  There are actually quite a few things you could use . . . (besides fingers!) . . . old toothbrushes . . . q-tips . . . sponges . . . matchbox cars . . . Today we’re going to use yarn.  Or string. […]

Painting with Kids: 6 Tips to Get You Ready


Do your kids like to paint? Mine do. In fact, they love it. If you entered my house just after I said, “Let’s do a painting project,” you might assume I’d just offered ice cream for breakfast!  The shrieks of glee and wild happy dances vividly proclaim their excitement. And indicate that this is not an […]