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How To Eliminate Rudeness In Your Home

rude behavior

Have you noticed that our society is experiencing an epidemic of rudeness? I’m not sure if the problem has gotten worse lately or I’ve just become more sensitive to it, but I’m on a campaign to eliminate rudeness . . . at least in my own home! Will you join me? Rude behavior is all around us. We’re exposed […]

Biblical Wisdom for Kids: A Review of Lads & Ladies of Wisdom


Do you ever tell your kids to stop being so foolish? Plead with them to use common sense? Wish they’d make better decisions? What they really need is WISDOM! Do you want to help your kids respond well in any situation? Become respected and successful? Help them develop biblical wisdom. Wisdom is not common. No one is born with it. […]

April Holidays, Birthdays & Fun Days 2015

April Holidays, Birthdays and Fun Days

March flew by way too fast! Here’s a quick list of April holidays and special days for 2015. Major  Holidays 3 – Good Friday, we’ll be making King Arthur Flour’s Easy Hot Cross Buns to share with neighbors 5 – Easter Sunday, I’m putting together a Jesus Themed Easter basket for the kids this year Miscellaneous History, Trivia and Recognition 11 – National Submarine […]

Celebrate the Resurrection: Create a JESUS Themed Easter Basket

Easter basket ideas

I hope you CELEBRATE EASTER. How you do that is entirely up to you. No one needs to judge the way you choose to celebrate your holy days. But if you believe that Jesus is the Christ, son of the living God, then you should celebrate Easter! Really celebrate. This is a big deal! Christmas is great. […]

Inspire Creativity: 50+ Simple Lego Challenges

lego ideas

LEGOS. There are days when I love them. There are days when they make me crazy! Some days I’m amazed with the amount of time my boys (and girls, too) can spend constructing and creating. Other days I’m amazed at how quickly legos become a source of contention among everyone. My kids have a bazillion generic lego pieces. They also […]