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(Cheesy) Beef and Rice {Family Favorite}

beef and rice

We eat supper daily, so you’d think I could have posted a supper recipe before now.  There are just a few problems with my supper recipes: I probably didn’t use a recipe If I did use one I probably didn’t follow it If I did follow the recipe it probably came from someone else’s blog! This […]

60 Homeschool Tips From 60 Years – Review and Giveaway! {9/23/14-9/30/14}

60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 Years

Are you a homeschooler?  Could you use some inspiration and encouragement?  Silly questions, right? Thanks to two veteran homeschool moms, you can have that right at your fingertips!  These ladies are on your side.  They’ve been in your shoes.  They know how some of your days roll, and they’re sharing their best tips in this […]

“God, Help!”

God, Help!

I am extremely grateful for the Holy Spirit’s ministry of prayer.  When I can’t find the words to express my need – when I’m not even sure what my need is – He is already beseeching the Father on my behalf. There are plenty of moments in my weeks when I silently (and sometimes out loud) […]

Happy Birthday, H. A. Rey!


“Mom, can you buy more George books?  Them is sooo funny!”  Those are the recent words of my four year old daughter, and I think many children echo her opinion. I know what I liked as a child and I don’t do any book that I, as a child, wouldn’t have liked.         […]

Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Spray {with Essential Oils}

Homemade Cleaning Spray

Before I share the formula for this Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Spray, I want to show you a picture. Those are the stairs that lead to our second floor.  And the toilet cleaner we used at one time.  And the holes the toilet cleaner ate in the carpet. How did that happen? Before I started making many of my own […]