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Celebrate the Resurrection: Create a JESUS Themed Easter Basket

Easter basket ideas

I hope you CELEBRATE EASTER. How you do that is entirely up to you. No one needs to judge the way you choose to celebrate your holy days. But if you believe that Jesus is the Christ, son of the living God, then you should celebrate Easter! Really celebrate. This is a big deal! Christmas is great. […]

Inspire Creativity: 50+ Simple Lego Challenges

lego ideas

LEGOS. There are days when I love them. There are days when they make me crazy! Some days I’m amazed with the amount of time my boys (and girls, too) can spend constructing and creating. Other days I’m amazed at how quickly legos become a source of contention among everyone. My kids have a bazillion generic lego pieces. They also […]

Rich & Savory Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup Recipe

Spring may be right around the corner, but I think there’s still plenty of “soup weather” left. I love making a big pot of soup – no recipe required! It comes out different every time, but its almost always a hit. The only constant is that I start by sautéing plenty of onions and garlic. After that I […]

Fighting Lies: A Biblical Strategy for Thinking Truth

Strategy for Thinking Truth

Have your thoughts ever been attacked by lies? Mine sure have. I faced a major attack quite recently in fact. I was making my way through everyday issues when a challenging situation came up. All of a sudden the voices in my head weren’t speaking the truth anymore. I knew the accusations, the reasoning and the conclusions swirling through my head weren’t right. Yet […]

March Holidays and Birthdays 2015

March Holidays, Birthdays and Fun Days

  February has flown by as usual, so it’s already time for a list of March holidays and birthdays – plus a couple fun days! There’s a hoard of ridiculous days not even worth mentioning this month . . . We’re going to focus on the amazing number of famous birthdays instead. A couple miscellaneous holidays are […]