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I’m a stay-at-home wife, mom, homemaker and homeschooler, so my roles are many!

So many things to do . . . so many things to ENJOY.

That’s what I write about here . . . the things we do, the things we enjoy and how we seek to glorify God through it all!


Here we are!


About Joy In My Kitchen


Many of the tasks on my to-do list can be continuous, repetitive and thankless.  The days, weeks, months and years could add up to a monotonous drudgery.

I don’t want to face the life and people God has blessed me with grudgingly.

I want to ENJOY every day and all it holds to the glory of God.


Our lives may be completely different, but I would guess that some of the things we do are the same. We probably face similar challenges, questions, fears and griefs.

I’m here to encourage you to faithfully love your husband, love your children and manage your home well.

I want to inspire you to enjoy life in YOUR kitchen . . . no matter how messy it is!

My kitchen sees so much more than food preparation.  This is where we talk, plan, laugh and cry. It’s where family and guests all seem to gather even when it’s not time to eat. Somehow, most things happen (or at least start) right here – in my kitchen!


Joy In My Kitchen


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