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April Holidays, Birthdays & Fun Days 2015

April Holidays, Birthdays and Fun Days

March flew by way too fast! Here’s a quick list of April holidays and special days for 2015.

Major  Holidays

3 – Good Friday, we’ll be making King Arthur Flour’s Easy Hot Cross Buns to share with neighbors

5 – Easter SundayI’m putting together a Jesus Themed Easter basket for the kids this year

Miscellaneous History, Trivia and Recognition

11 – National Submarine Day, in honor of the US Navy’s first submarine purchase in 1900 (Did you know that America actually had a submarine active even earlier – during Revolutionary War times?)

15 – Titanic Remembrance Day, commemorates the 1,502 lives lost during the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912

17 – Day of Silence, if you are not familiar with this day, please read this article from Frontline Moms so you can be informed and respond appropriately

16 – Librarian Appreciation Day (part of Library Week)

17 – Bat Appreciation Day, good time to research the benefits of these amazing creatures

17 – Ellis Island Family History Day, on this day in 1907 just under 12,000 names (more than any other day) were recorded at this inspection station; does your family history include Ellis Island?

25 – Astronomy Day, (part of Astonomy Week) check local astronomical societies, museums, planetariums and observatories for public events; another one takes place September 19


2 – Hans Christian Anderson, children’s author

2 – Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, sculpted the Statue of Liberty

7 – William Wordsworth, poet

12 – Beverly Cleary, children’s author

13 – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US president

13 – Marguerite Henry, children’s author

13 – Alfred Mosher Butts, creator of Scrabble (known by other names first), also known as Scrabble Day

14 – Anne Sullivan, taught Helen Keller

15 – Leonardo da Vinci, artist, sculptor, inventor

16 – Wilbur Wright, pioneer aviator

21 – Elizabeth II, Queen of England

23 – William Shakespeare, playright, poet

23 – James Buchanan, 15th US president

25 – Guglielmo Marconi, born 1874*, invented wireless telegraphy

26 – John James Audubon, artist, naturalist

26 – Charles F. Richter, inventor of Richter Scale, also known as Richter Scale Day

27 – Samuel Morse, born 1791*, invented magnetic telegraph

27 – Ulysses S. Grant, 18th US president, Civil War general

28 – James Monroe – 5th US president

*I think it is interesting to see the time lapse between the technology advancement of these two inventors.

Fun Food Days

1 – Sourdough Day, I love my sourdough starter – so useful and versatile

7 – Caramel Popcorn Day

14 – Pecan Day (April is also Pecan Month)

16 – Eggs Benedict Day (H. will be happy about that!)

19 – Garlic Day  (I probably use garlic everyday.)

28 – Blueberry Pie Day

30 – Oatmeal Cookie Day (incidentally, it is also Raisin Day, so have fun baking!)

Among other things, April is also:

  • Autism Awareness Month
  • Inventor’s Month
  • Poetry Month
Which April holidays and special days catch your eye? Do you have a favorite person or food represented?

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  1. There are a lot of teaching opportunities this month! The Ellis Island would be a neat one to share about our heritage. Our ancestors came through there also… Thank you for sharing this neat series on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! 🙂

    • Ellis Island has so much fascinating history tied to it. Truly amazing to think about the fortitude of the people who came trhough there to begin lives here.

  2. Bat day?? lol! No thank you!! We did celebrate Easter by making some resurrection rolls though!

  3. Love these 🙂 Check out Smigus Dyngus day – it’s a Polish tradition for Easter Monday 🙂
    Thanks for linking up on Tuesday Talk!

    • Different cultural traditions are so interesting, Katie! My kids have already had the water guns out this year. Guess there will be a good reason excuse for it on Monday. 🙂

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