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Best Family Bible Books to Engage Your Kids With the Word of God

Hey, moms (and dads) who are trying to teach your kids about God and the Bible . . .

Don’t give up!

Start family Bible time today with some of the best family Bible books to introduce kids to the wonder of God and His Word. Great for multiple ages.


I know first hand that it can be a struggle, especially when the kids are young.

Wiggly bodies. Noisy tongues. Short attention spans.

These distractions may make you wonder if family Bible time is really worth the trouble.

And it doesn’t necessarily get easier when they’re older. (Not trying to discourage you, but – now they think they know it all. You just thought they weren’t paying attention when they were younger!)

Don’t give up! Repeating that, ’cause I need to hear it again.


Bible time doesn’t have to be long and it should be engaging. Reading fun Bible books from an early age is a good way to introduce kids to the wonder of God and His Word. Here are some of the best family Bible books we’ve found. (Sometimes, the kids who once complained now ask to read/look at them on their own!)


Best Family Bible Books to Engage Your Kids


The Rhyme Bible Storybook   by Linda Sattgast


Each story (from both Old and New testaments) is told in catchy rhyme. Very fun and sometimes funny! Great for the littlest people and still entertaining for older siblings. We actually have (and like) the older version with humorous illustrations by Toni Goffe. It’s out of print, but you can find decent, used copies.


Read Aloud Bible Stories   By Ella Lindvall

There are 5 volumes in this series. We’ve never had them in our home, but they’ve been favorites in preschool Sunday school classes we’ve been around. Each one is a large, hardcover book that contains about 5 stories each with simple text and bold, colorful illustrations.


Leading Little Ones To God: A Child’s Book of Bible Teachings   by Marian Schoolland


This is a theology book rather than a Bible storybook. It contains easy to understand explanations of big Biblical truths about God, the world, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Salvation and more. Stories from the Bible are used to illustrate the concepts. I especially appreciated the section on the Holy Spirit when teaching a related lesson to a class of 3 year olds!


Big Truths for Little Kids: Teaching Your Children to Live for God   by Susan Hunt


Simple catechism is combined with engaging stories to teach young children basic truths of the Christian faith. The stories are all about a brother and sister, Cassie and Caleb and their parents as they learn about God together through daily life.


The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments   by Marty Machowski


Brightly illustrated stories from both Old and New Testaments reveal Jesus as the hero in every story. We love how each Bible story bears elements of the Gospel. The illustrations give clues to the simple questions that accompany each page. I’m excited to look into a few more of Marty Machowski’s books that Holly recommends in 5 Best Devotionals for Families.


God’s Names   by Sally Michael


Introduce your kids to God by studying 25 of His names! Accompanying Scripture and explanations will help you understand more of the character and actions of God. When we went through this book, we made 4×6 cards (the kids and I took turns) with each name, meaning and a simple illustration of the relevant story.


The Child’s Story Bible   by Catherine Vos


Thorough and accurate retelling of the Bible from beginning to end. Each chapter (110 for the Old Testament and 92 for he New Testament) indicates what book of the Bible the story is from. Very few illustrations. Chapters range from 1-4 pages long and are good for kids with extended attention spans! An older child would enjoy reading it for themselves.


The Picture Bible   by Iva Hoth


Our older boys spent hours with these before they could even read! 223 Bible stories in full-color comic format plus information pages and maps. I was initially hesitant about the comic book style, but it pulled the boys right into the stories. There is still a lot of text and each story indicates where to find it in the Bible. Available in paperback or hardcover. Our copies (yes, we have 2) have long since lost their hardcovers, but the binding remains sturdy despite much use and wear.


More Family Bible Study Options!


 Moses Square

Stick Figure Through the Bible with Grapevine Studies – Help your kids draw their way through the Bible with this unique study method. Both overview and topical studies are available for all grade levels, including traceable options for the youngest members of your family.


Lads and Ladies of Wisdom Review

Lads & Ladies of Wisdom – Compare and contrast characteristics of wisdom and foolishness through the book of Proverbs. The text link will take you to my review of the curriculum that is geared toward elementary age students. Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue is for preschoolers.



Teach Us To Worship – a printable Bible study on worship from Path through the Narrow Gate. Four weeks of lessons, each available in 3 levels contain Scripture, stories and activities.


BONUS! Here are the two little Bible storybooks we keep in our church bag for young ones to look at during the sermon. Their small size makes them easy for little hands to hang onto. The top one is still completely intact after 9 years of use! The second one has lost its front cover but is otherwise holding together well.


A word on age recommendations . . . I have a hard time making these since kids are all so different. We have used all the suggestions below at some point during the ages of 2-10. Some are obviously for the younger range; others work for the younger ones and can still easily include older siblings. If you have specific questions on any of them, feel free to ask in the comments.

Let us know – what are the best family Bible books in your house?


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  1. What a fantastic list! We too love Grapevine Studies and Leading Little Ones to God, but most of your other recommendations were new to me. Favorites around here include the Jesus Storybook Bible and the Beginner’s Bible. I found you at Literacy Musing Mondays and I’m so glad I did. I too host an all-things-books linky party every Thursday on Mommynificent.com. I’d love to have you join us anytime for Booknificent Thursdays!

  2. These look like great Bible-related book. I love the Gospel stories book. Thanks so much for sharing on Literacy Musing Mondays. I hope you link up with us again this week. 🙂

  3. HI,
    I read to my kids from a Children’s Bible when they were little. #LiteracyMusingMondays

  4. Belinda Letchford says:

    thanks for putting this list together – mums are always looking for the next book to read with their family.

  5. Hi, just wanted you to know your Friendship Book post was featured on Literacy Musing Mondays this week. I hope you will link up more posts with us like this one. 🙂 Here is this week’s link where you are featured:


  6. dawnklinge says:

    I remember reading “Leading Little Ones to God” with my kids when they were little. That was a good one. This is a great list. You’re right, it’s easier when they’re little. Now that my kids are older, they prefer to study on their own. They do study God’s word though, and I believe that establishing that practice, together, when they were young, was very important.

    • What a blessing that they do study God’s Word on their own now, Dawn. Good habits start young (and get modeled by parents!).

  7. Have you looked at The Action Bible? I’ve been hearing good things about it, but haven’t looked at one in person. It’s the Bible written as a graphic novel. My son LOVES graphic novels, and I think it might really egage him.

    • Hadn’t heard of that one, but I just looked it up on Amazon. The artwork is highly praised, but it’s hard to tell about content without reading it for oneself. Maybe you could look through a friend’s copy or find one at a local bookstore to see what you think. I’ll let you know if I find out more.

  8. Great suggestions! Thank you for sharing at Waiting on…Wednesday! Hope you’ll link up with us again tomorrow!

  9. Thanks for the recommendations, Abi. I have to keep it on the down-low, because my daughter says she’s a pagan. But when the grand baby is with me, we read Bible stories, and I quote Scripture to her.
    Here from Waiting Wednesday.

    • What a blessing that you have opportunities to speak words of life to your grandchild no matter how young. May those times will fix YOU in that baby’s mind as one to come to for truth. Keep being a light.

  10. Great list! Thanks for taking the time to compile. Most of these are books I am unfamiliar with.

    • Hi, Brittany! Glad you’ve got some new options to consider as your boys get older. Do you have current favorite you are using?

  11. Thanks for this encouragement in family Bible study, Abi! My family has enjoyed God’s Names (and God’s Promises) by Sally Michael, and Long Story Short by Marty Machowski (author of The Gospel Story Short that you have listed.) I would love to try The Gospel Story Short, too. Thanks for the mention of Path Through the Narrow Gate’s study, as well!

    • God’s Promises would be a great one to look into and I look forward to reading more of Machowski’s books. Honored to include your studies, Anna Joy. You did a fantastic job with them.


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