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Bug Bites: Homemade Anti-Itch Remedy



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Do your kids (or you) ever get bug bites?  Silly question, right.

Those bugs like this warm weather just as much as we do!  Sometimes we think ahead.  Sometimes we remember to apply natural bug repellant.

Other times . . . well, we become food for the bugs.  And when we do we have the itchy welts to prove it.

As a child I was a mosquito magnet.  The bites would swell to quarter size and become hot and hard.  I know its hard to leave those itchy spots alone.  My kids like to dig at them until they’ve created nasty open wounds. Not good.  We want to avoid that.  So this is what we use.

Homemade Anti-Itch Remedy for Bug Bites

2 tablespoons aloe vera gel

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops peppermint essential oil

UPDATE: The kids have also found this very soothing on poison ivy with one drop of frankincense essential oil added.

What’s so special about those ingredients?

  • Aloe vera gel – Its a neutral carrier for the essential oils.  I usually have it on hand.  Easy to apply without worrying about oil stains.
  • Lavender EO – It contains natural anti-histamine properties.  Its also calming.
  • Peppermint EO – Lavender alone didn’t do the trick for us!  Peppermint is cooling and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The kids can apply this themselves.  I also let them use it on minor (non-bleeding) owes that don’t merit a band-aid.  It makes them happy.

If they decide to taste it . . . you know it will happen . . . it won’t hurt them.  It will feel spicy and probably make their lips and tongue tingle – that’s the peppermint.  A little milk will help to dilute it.  Maybe they won’t put it in their mouths again – maybe.

You certainly don’t want it to get in anyone’s eyes.  It will sting.  Thankfully, most bug bites are on arms and legs so this shouldn’t happen too often.  If it does get in the eyes, though, gently wipe it out with oil.  Any kind will help.  Just get a little on the end of your finger and carefully rub it across the affected eye. Cream or milk are other options to try.  It won’t remove the sting immediately, but it will help dilute the oil and calm the reaction.  The eye should feel better in 10-20 minutes.


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Do you ever forget to use bug repellant?  What do you use to calm and cool the itch?

You can also make an All Purpose Cleaning Spray with essential oils.


  1. Hi.
    There is also a recipe for bug repellant which uses the same ingredients. http://www.crunchybetty.com/crunchy-kids-shoo-spray-homemade-insect-repellent This is the website where I found it. Have not tried it yet however if the bite treatment works, this should work as well.

    • Hi, Sheryl. Thanks for visiting. I did recently read that peppermint is a good mosquito repellant. I use a blend right now but will have to remember peppermint for when I forget to grab it!

  2. Definitely a timely “recipe.” 😉 I’m featuring it at this weekend’s Savoring Saturdays. Thanks so much for sharing it, Abi!


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