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When You Feel Like an Inadequate Mother

  Have you seen this phrase going around on social media? “I have been perfectly blessed and assigned by God to be the mom my kids need.” I’m not sure where it originated, but I cringe almost every time I read it. I know it’s meant to encourage and strengthen. I know that the sentiment […]

The Day Our Family Doubled: An Adoption Story

  Twelve years ago, on February 13, 2004 our family was forever changed by a simple phone call. It was a message on an answering machine, really, ’cause I wasn’t home when the call came. That’s right – we didn’t have cell phones! Can you believe it? Just twelve years ago! And in a suburb of […]

Favorite Lists & Questions: Best Articles of 2015

Thank you for being a faithful reader. I hope you enjoy this mini collection of top articles from 2015. Lists & questions were clear favorites!   It’s been quiet around here for a few weeks. Not at my house, that’s for sure! But here on the blog, ’cause, well, there are so many other things to […]

Orphan Care . . . How Can You Care? – Part 2

Orphan Sunday – November 13, 2016   This is a continuation of a previous post.  Click on Orphan Care . . . How Can You Care – Part 1 for the first half of the list.   If you haven’t read Orphan Care . . . Why Should You Care?, please start there for a biblical […]

Orphan Care . . . How Can You Care? – Part 1

Orphan Sunday – November 13, 2016   Last week I addressed why orphan care matters.  This week I’d like to share some of the many ways you can be involved in caring for orphans. I’m not going to categorize them or list them in any particular order. Every one is legitimate.  Every one is necessary. You won’t find […]