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How To Get Kids to Listen the First Time

Ever wonder how in the world parents get kids to listen . . . at all, let alone the first time? These three simple tips will help you repeat yourself less.   Here’s the secret . . . It’s not really about them! Getting kids to listen is more about you – about me – than it […]

Setting Goals With Confidence

Are you ever afraid to leave your sweet spot when setting goals? Today we’re blessed to have Shannon Upton, Christian speaker and author, share part of her story along with a little encouragement from Gideon to follow God’s lead and leave your comfort zone this year.   New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. As an organizer, I […]

True Stories that Will Inspire Courage in Boys

  As the oldest child in my family, I always wished I had an older brother. For that reason I hoped that my first child would be a boy. Now that God has brought my desire to fruition – our oldest three children are boys – I’m not always quite sure what to do with them! How to […]

Fruit of The Spirit for Kids: Preschool Activities

Hi!  I’m Courtney from Faith For The Littles and I’m so honored today to be guest posting for Abi! She has some great things to say about being an example of the Fruits of the Spirit for her children and this excites me to no end. Today I’d like to share a resource for being intentional with […]

There’s More to Motherhood than Cleaning Up Messes

There it was. Another mess. I don’t remember what number mess it was that day. I’m sure it wasn’t the first. I know it wasn’t the last. But it is the one that made the difference. Kneeling in front of the fridge, staring at an oozing mound of salsa, my heart wailed, “God is this really all you have […]