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3 Step “Not Gonna Be A Crazy Mom” Plan

  Summertime, and the livin’ is  . . . How would you complete that sentence? The old song says “easy,” right? Certainly not the word I’d pick. As school came to a close, I was looking forward to a relaxing summer. With plenty of time to read and accomplish things that are just harder to get to in the busier […]

Summer Boredom: Possible Causes & Responses

School’s out. The kids are free to do (mostly) as they please. It’s summertime, so . . . let’s talk about summer boredom!     As a homeschool mom, I’m confronted with “bored kids” all year. My children are not constrained on a daily basis by class schedules, busses and bells. Therefore, they have plenty of “free” […]

Fun Projects for Kids Using Leftover Yarn

What do you do when your neighbor gifts you a large box of leftover yarn? Decide that the summer’s craft projects will use it up. And then search Pinterest, of course! A few of these projects are so cute you’ll want to go buy yarn if you don’t have any leftover.     Kid-Friendly Projects to Use Up Leftover […]

Living Joyfully When Your Husband Has Cancer

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Trudy. We were just acquaintances when she and her husband, John, attended our wedding. As friends go, she has become one of the “best of the best.” When the kids were little, she would babysit for them, accompany me on errands or just come over to hang out […]

When You Feel Like an Inadequate Mother

  Have you seen this phrase going around on social media? “I have been perfectly blessed and assigned by God to be the mom my kids need.” I’m not sure where it originated, but I cringe almost every time I read it. I know it’s meant to encourage and strengthen. I know that the sentiment […]