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Orphan Care . . . How Can You Care? – Part 1

Orphan Sunday – November 13, 2016   Last week I addressed why orphan care matters.  This week I’d like to share some of the many ways you can be involved in caring for orphans. I’m not going to categorize them or list them in any particular order. Every one is legitimate.  Every one is necessary. You won’t find […]

Orphan Care . . . Why Should You Care?

Orphan Sunday – November 13, 2016 Orphan Sunday happens once a year. Do you think about them at other times? What’s the big deal?  Should you care? Why? Is their plight exploited to play on your emotions or is there a legitimate cause for compassion? Let’s look at what Scripture has to say. Five Reasons You […]

60 Homeschool Tips From 60 Years – Review

Are you a homeschooler?  Could you use some inspiration and encouragement?  Silly questions, right? Thanks to two veteran homeschool moms, you can have that right at your fingertips!  These ladies are on your side.  They’ve been in your shoes.  They know how some of your days roll, and they’re sharing their best tips in this […]

“God, Help!”

I am extremely grateful for the Holy Spirit’s ministry of prayer.  When I can’t find the words to express my need – when I’m not even sure what my need is – He is already beseeching the Father on my behalf. There are plenty of moments in my weeks when I silently (and sometimes out loud) […]

Weekly Date Night: You Can Make It Happen!

Would you like to have a weekly date night with the love of your life?  Even if you’re already married?  And have kids? You can!   You don’t have to make extravagant plans, hire a babysitter or leave your house.  Those things are good (and you should do them every now and then), but don’t […]