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Ways to Play with Playdough {+ Recipe}

Do you know how to play with playdough?  I’m sure your kids do, but do you? I don’t play with playdough very often.  But, every once in a while I do sit down and spend 20 minutes or so squishing that soft pile of flour and salt into all sorts of things.  Its a lot of fun! If […]

Favorite Audio Books (for road trips and around town)

  Listening to audio books is one of our favorite ways to pass time in the car. Whether its an extended summer road trip, a long round of errands or a trek to Grandma’s house, a good story captures our attention and makes the time go faster. In some cases, they even introduce more adventure into our […]

Rabbits Are Agile! {Friday Fun Fact: Edition #3}

This is our rabbit, Joey . . . and his Little Mama. Joey is a Jersey Wooly rabbit who lives in our basement.  The Jersey Wooly is considered a dwarf rabbit breed.  He looks huge, but there’s a lot of fluff there!   He really doesn’t weigh a whole lot.  Joey is super sweet and […]