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An Advent Countdown Tradition {with Free Printables}

  No denying it, receiving gifts is fun! We enjoy giving our kids gifts and watching the delight they have in receiving them. But we don’t want receiving gifts to be the greatest focus of the Advent Season. Because we want our kids to learn to be gracious givers, we started a new Christmas tradition a […]

Chapter Books About Pets for the Whole Family

Is your child begging for a pet? Read one of these books about pets together for a humorous & realistic glimpse into pet ownership.   We’ve had a variety of pets over the years. Chickens. A pair of rabbits. More chickens. A bin full of worms. A cat. Fish. Hermit crabs. Another rabbit. More fish. A […]

Send Your Sponsor Child More Than Letters

Do you ever wonder what to write to or send your sponsor child? This list of seasonal ideas for every month will help you out!   About eight years ago, when the twins were just 4, our family began sponsoring a boy through Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope program. This came about after I met a […]

The Most Valuable Family Discussion You Can Have

Are you remembering to include the most important topic in your family discussion? These questions can help get you and your kids started thinking about God’s involvement in your life every day.   As parents we talk to our kids about a lot of things. We fill their heads with information: character lessons, life skills, […]

Favorite Lists & Questions: Best Articles of 2015

Thank you for being a faithful reader. I hope you enjoy this mini collection of top articles from 2015. Lists & questions were clear favorites!   It’s been quiet around here for a few weeks. Not at my house, that’s for sure! But here on the blog, ’cause, well, there are so many other things to […]