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Christmas Gifts Under 5 Dollars for Everyone On Your List!

  Finding just the right gift for everyone this time of year can be a challenge. Keeping your purchases within a reasonable budget can also be challenging. How would you like to find Christmas gifts under 5 dollars for everyone on your list? I’ve pulled together a list of over 40 items created or written by fellow bloggers. Each one can be […]

20 Fun Dates You Can Enjoy At Home

  This list was inspired by my husband who recently asked me to make a list of fun things for us to do during our weekly at-home dates. Weekly at-home date night has been a tradition with us for years. Our usual go-to activities are playing board or card games, watching movies or just talking. Lately, though, we’ve hit […]

Best Family Bible Books to Engage Your Kids With the Word of God

Hey, moms (and dads) who are trying to teach your kids about God and the Bible . . . Don’t give up!   I know first hand that it can be a struggle, especially when the kids are young. Wiggly bodies. Noisy tongues. Short attention spans. These distractions may make you wonder if family Bible time […]

Do You Need A Fresh Perspective, Mom?

  “Mom, you is SO crazy!” exclaimed my oldest daughter (age 5 1/2) as she came to the table for supper one night recently. Slightly bemused and a little perplexed, my husband asked, “Why do you say that?” “Because this food looks really yummy!” she stated, as though he was crazy for not having noticed himself.   […]

31 Heart-Revealing Questions to Ask Your Kids

  Okay, that title makes it sound like these are significant, soul-searching questions! They’re not – at least on the surface. Over time, the answers can begin to reveal what makes your child tick. Patterns that emerge from the daily answers will show you what really matters to your child. Deep, heart-felt conversations are great, but they […]