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January Holidays, Birthdays and Fun Days 2015

Want to mark some historical events, add a little literary trivia or celebrate something unusual this month? Here’s a list of January holidays, birthdays and fun days. This list is by no means exhaustive – I’ve picked people and ideas that are of interest to our family. Maybe some will interest you too. I am not […]

Easy Christmas Cookies: Chocolate Peppermint Thumbprints

Making cookies any time of year is a lot of fun, and Christmas is no exception. In my mind, cookies made at Christmas time should be different than cookies made the rest of the year – something you wouldn’t make just any time. I have fond memories of working on elaborate and time consuming creations. Stained […]

Clown Pancakes – A Birthday Tradition

Are the birthdays in your family spread throughout the year or clustered within just a couple months? We’re coming to the end of nearly six months without any birthdays in our family. If you ask my kids, its been a long dry spell! There have been many discussions over the last month or so regarding how […]

Weekly Date Night: You Can Make It Happen!

Would you like to have a weekly date night with the love of your life?  Even if you’re already married?  And have kids? You can!   You don’t have to make extravagant plans, hire a babysitter or leave your house.  Those things are good (and you should do them every now and then), but don’t […]

Favorite Audio Books (for road trips and around town)

  Listening to audio books is one of our favorite ways to pass time in the car. Whether its an extended summer road trip, a long round of errands or a trek to Grandma’s house, a good story captures our attention and makes the time go faster. In some cases, they even introduce more adventure into our […]