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Family Favorite Meaty Lasagna Recipe

Today’s post is from Anna Joy at Path Through the Narrow Gate. She’s sharing a recipe that is just right for us . . . when I ask my kids for menu planning suggestions, I can pretty much guarantee that one of them will ask for lasagna, and my husband will want to be sure there’s plenty of […]

Cooking With Kids + Peanut Butter Honey Popcorn Recipe

  I’m honored to participate this week in the Practical Parenting series for Arabah Joy. I’ve written about what you can reasonably expect when you let your kids into the kitchen with you! My thoughts came about because of a few recent comments from friends about how comfortable my kids are in the kitchen. It’s true. They […]

Super Summer Salad Recipes {No Mayo!}

  Summer is a time for outdoor eating – picnics, BBQs, family reunions and supper at the park. Salads make great side dishes for those occasions, but . . . it’s sometimes a pain to keep them properly chilled. My solution is to make salads that don’t need to be chilled. This week I’m sharing some of […]

Rich & Savory Minestrone Soup

Spring may be right around the corner, but I think there’s still plenty of “soup weather” left. I love making a big pot of soup – no recipe required! It comes out different every time, but its almost always a hit. The only constant is that I start by sautéing plenty of onions and garlic. After that I […]

Soft and Cakey Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies

I love chocolate. My husband loves chocolate. My kids love chocolate. I really like fruit based desserts too, but everyone else prefers that dessert includes chocolate in some way. This recipe started out as one of H.’s favorites from his mom. He called them Wagon Wheels and they were dense, chewy and chocolatey. Kind of like a brownie […]