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Squash Muffins: Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

  These squash muffins are simple, un-spiced and not too sweet.  They make a great addition to breakfast or mid-morning tea snack. My mom used to make them for breakfast any time of year, so I never really thought of them as Thanksgiving fare. They came to mind right away, though, when Carissa at All in All announced that she […]

Slightly Cinnamon Yogurt Dip

Do your kids like to eat food with dip?  Or would they rather just eat the dip? That usually makes me crazy, but I let them finish off a bowl of this Cinnamon Yogurt Dip with just a spoon. Its yummy on apples and graham crackers . . . or straight off the spoon.  Fingers work too! […]

Gluten Free Crackers with Chia Seeds (and a Party Planning Package!)

This post contains affiliate links. Today’s recipe is the result of three very different things. . . 1) a family interest in running 2) a Natural Spa Party Planning Guide 3) a gluten free diet There really will be a recipe for gluten free crackers at the end . . . bear with me while I explain […]

No Bake Nut Free Protein Balls

Everyone in our family loves this No Bake Whole Food Protein Snack. But nuts can get pricey, and there are some places we can’t take them.  Some friends with whom we can’t share them. If you’re one of those people but you still want a whole food protein snack, these nut free protein balls just might be your answer. […]

Applesauce Muffins {with Gluten-Free Options}

Summer is winding down and apple picking season is just around the corner.  Apple picking means applesauce making!  I haven’t used up last year’s applesauce though, so applesauce muffins (cupcakes?) are showing up a lot at our house these days.     I’ve had a fondness for these since childhood.   My mom used to make […]