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Astronomical Unit – What Is That? {Friday Fun Fact #5}

H. recently got a new work phone. Its the cool kind that can be voice activated, and the kids find the question asking feature fascinating.  Actually, they like trying to stump it by asking questions it won’t be able to answer. Not too long ago they asked the phone, “How far away is pluto?” The answer was: […]

Happy Birthday, Richard Scarry!

Before the twins were even old enough to appreciate it, I purchased a copy of What Do People Do All Day by Richard Scarry.  Every story was instantly familiar as I flipped through the pages. Huckle Cat. Lowly Worm. Farmer Alfalfa. Bananas Gorilla. Able Baker Charlie.  They were all childhood friends.  If you haven’t met them, head straight […]

Snakes in Kentucky {Friday Fun Fact #4}

There are 33 different species of snakes in Kentucky.  Only 4 of them are venomous.  Don’t mean to alarm you . . . this just happens to be a current topic of interest around our house! If our snake identifying skills can be trusted (which may be doubtful!) we saw a Black Racer (non-venomous, thankfully!) at […]

Rabbits Are Agile! {Friday Fun Fact: Edition #3}

This is our rabbit, Joey . . . and his Little Mama. Joey is a Jersey Wooly rabbit who lives in our basement.  The Jersey Wooly is considered a dwarf rabbit breed.  He looks huge, but there’s a lot of fluff there!   He really doesn’t weigh a whole lot.  Joey is super sweet and […]

Finding a Four-Leaf Clover {Friday Fun Fact: Edition #2}

According to the March 2013 issue (Yes, I realize that it is 2014 . . . apparently this issue just wandered out from under a bookshelf somewhere!) of National Geographic KIDS, “Only 1 in 10,000 clovers has four leaves.” We have no idea how many clovers are growing in our yard.  They seem to have […]