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Refresh Your Soul Scripture Memory Challenge

  There’s an awful lot in this world that can dry up your bones and make your soul start to shrivel. If you want to keep your spirit fresh and your soul strong to face the day with hope and courage, you need to be dwelling on the right things.   “Set your mind on the things above, not on the […]

Fruit of The Spirit for Kids: Preschool Activities

Hi!  I’m Courtney from Faith For The Littles and I’m so honored today to be guest posting for Abi! She has some great things to say about being an example of the Fruits of the Spirit for her children and this excites me to no end. Today I’d like to share a resource for being intentional with […]

The Sweet Reward of Speaking Soft Words

Today’s encouragement comes all the way from Australia! Thank you to Belinda from Live Life With Your Kids. Being on a different page with someone you love brings all sorts of emotions: disappointment, frustration, hurt, separation. We desperately want people to love us, to accept us, and agree with us. But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes our […]

Best Family Bible Books to Engage Your Kids With the Word of God

Hey, moms (and dads) who are trying to teach your kids about God and the Bible . . . Don’t give up!   I know first hand that it can be a struggle, especially when the kids are young. Wiggly bodies. Noisy tongues. Short attention spans. These distractions may make you wonder if family Bible time […]

How To See A Bad Day As Holy To The Lord

This graphic, with the words below, was shared a while ago by The Busy Mom. This is the story of motherhood. The struggle is worth it! You are stronger than you know. Neh. 8:10   It caught my attention because I’ve been having my share of mothering struggles lately. We haven’t found our summer rhythm yet, and the kids […]