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Building Character In Kids: Courage and Love

Our world can be a harsh and threatening place to live – especially for kids. Do you want your kids to face difficult or hostile situations with courage? To love people even when those people despise them? It’s so easy to wish that all of life were carefree. I don’t naturally gravitate toward things that are difficult. Neither […]

Celebrate Friendship with Picture Books

I want my children to have good friends. That means I should help each one learn to be a good friend! Since our family loves books, I’ve discovered a number of fun picture books that help me do that. Each of these wonderful stories demonstrates a valuable characteristic of quality friendship. Reading them can spark some great discussion about being a […]

Happy Birthday, H. A. Rey!

  “Mom, can you buy more George books?  Them is sooo funny!”  Those are the recent words of my four year old daughter, and I think many children echo her opinion. I know what I liked as a child and I don’t do any book that I, as a child, wouldn’t have liked.       […]

Favorite Audio Books (for road trips and around town)

  Listening to audio books is one of our favorite ways to pass time in the car. Whether its an extended summer road trip, a long round of errands or a trek to Grandma’s house, a good story captures our attention and makes the time go faster. In some cases, they even introduce more adventure into our […]

Happy Birthday, Richard Scarry!

Before the twins were even old enough to appreciate it, I purchased a copy of What Do People Do All Day by Richard Scarry.  Every story was instantly familiar as I flipped through the pages. Huckle Cat. Lowly Worm. Farmer Alfalfa. Bananas Gorilla. Able Baker Charlie.  They were all childhood friends.  If you haven’t met them, head straight […]