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Six Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids

  When I asked the kids what they wanted to be sure to do this Christmas season, the girls both said crafts. I don’t have any original ideas right now, so I thought I’d share a few of the simple Christmas crafts we’ve been making from other bloggers. Some can be used as Christmas cards, others […]

Simple Thanksgiving Craft: Noodle Feather Turkey

I don’t often think about making holiday crafts until the day itself rolls around. Planning ahead usually means looking up some ideas the night before. So, if we’re actually going to make something, I need to have the supplies on hand. Maybe that’s the reason that most of the Thanksgiving craft ideas floating around recently haven’t attracted much notice from me. These […]

Painting With Kids: Watermelon Rind Rainbow Prints

You may have participated in watermelon seed spitting contests or made watermelon rind pickles . . . Have you ever painted with watermelon rinds? I imagine, this being Labor Day weekend, that many of you will soon be enjoying some of the season’s last watermelon.  Save some of those rinds and make these beautiful Watermelon Rind Rainbow Prints! […]

Painting With Kids: Marble Painting

Do you like to watch the changing patterns of the flames as fire burns?  Or stare at waterfalls because the flow of drops is continually rearranging itself?  Then you just might like marble painting!  Watching the marble roll around and leave tracks of paint has the same mesmerizing kind of effect.  Its hard to stop because its […]

Painting with Kids: Yarn Painting

Did you know your kids can enjoy painting even if you don’t own paintbrushes?  There are actually quite a few things you could use . . . (besides fingers!) . . . old toothbrushes . . . q-tips . . . sponges . . . matchbox cars . . . Today we’re going to use yarn.  Or string. […]