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There’s More to Motherhood than Cleaning Up Messes

There it was. Another mess. I don’t remember what number mess it was that day. I’m sure it wasn’t the first. I know it wasn’t the last. But it is the one that made the difference. Kneeling in front of the fridge, staring at an oozing mound of salsa, my heart wailed, “God is this really all you have […]

Replace Toxic Products: DIY Recipes for Cleaning Products & More

  Our world is filled with toxins we can’t avoid. You can’t always choose what air to breathe or what water to drink. You can, however, choose to replace toxic products you may use in your home or on your body! Here’s a list of easy DIY recipes for cleaning products as well as other household items and personal products that can help […]

Ways To Support Your Husband When He Works Overtime

    My husband has been leaving for work a little early and coming home later than usual for several weeks. These few extra hours are only the beginning, but they have not come as a surprise. I’ve actually known for a couple years that this season was coming. This time last year, I was dreading the inevitable. I resented […]

Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Spray {with Essential Oils}

Before I share the formula for this Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Spray, I want to show you a picture. Those are the stairs that lead to our second floor.  And the toilet cleaner we used at one time.  And the holes the toilet cleaner ate in the carpet. How did that happen? Before I started making many of my own […]

Label It! {A Time Saving Tip}

This time saving tip has saved me countless hours of searching and frustration.  I finally started labeling my homemade solutions.  Labeling what they are is important – OK, vital, especially if you expect any one in the house besides yourself to use what you’ve made! What’s really made a difference is that I’ve started to […]