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Setting Goals With Confidence

Are you ever afraid to leave your sweet spot when setting goals? Today we’re blessed to have Shannon Upton, Christian speaker and author, share part of her story along with a little encouragement from Gideon to follow God’s lead and leave your comfort zone this year.   New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. As an organizer, I […]

Christmas Gifts Under 5 Dollars for Everyone On Your List!

  Finding just the right gift for everyone this time of year can be a challenge. Keeping your purchases within a reasonable budget can also be challenging. How would you like to find Christmas gifts under 5 dollars for everyone on your list? I’ve pulled together a list of over 40 items created or written by fellow bloggers. Each one can be […]

Do You Know How To Restore Your Joy?

Does the chaos of your day have you discouraged? Discover the key that will restore your joy.   Hello, dear friend. How’s your day going? Are you content? Is your heart filled with joy? Or did you loose those qualities somewhere between the burnt breakfast and the last battle of wills with your challenging child? Does the thought of answering those questions make […]

Women Who Challenge Me To Be The Best Mom I Can Be

Friends, we cannot do this mom thing on our own. Every one of us desperately needs God’s wisdom and sustaining grace. We also need each other.     Since I can’t introduce (most of) you to the “iron women” I rub shoulders with in real life, I bring you today the voices of ten such people I’ve […]

There’s More to Motherhood than Cleaning Up Messes

There it was. Another mess. I don’t remember what number mess it was that day. I’m sure it wasn’t the first. I know it wasn’t the last. But it is the one that made the difference. Kneeling in front of the fridge, staring at an oozing mound of salsa, my heart wailed, “God is this really all you have […]