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Clown Pancakes – A Birthday Tradition

Clown Pancakes A Birthday Tradition

Are the birthdays in your family spread throughout the year or clustered within just a couple months?

We’re coming to the end of nearly six months without any birthdays in our family.

If you ask my kids, its been a long dry spell!

There have been many discussions over the last month or so regarding how long it will be ’til the next birthday. And a few attempts to convince me that no one really has to have a birthday to eat Clown Pancakes!

Today, the birthday drought is over, so I’m sharing our fun(ny) tradition with you.

Clown Pancake

We  don’t have a lot of family traditions. Some of the ones we’ve attempted to establish have fizzled out and become nothing. Others, like this one, sort of created themselves.

Clown Pancakes for breakfast started when the twins turned four (I think)! I dreamed these up as a one-time breakfast surprise before a trip to the aquarium.

Now they’re requested expected every time a birthday rolls around!

Birthday Pancakes

I had no idea they would become such a hit.

Birthday Pancakes on Pan

Guess that’s how some of the best family traditions get started . . . unintentionally!

Cooking Clown Pancakes

These guys are anticipated for weeks before every birthday!

Birthday Clowns

It wouldn’t be a birthday without them!

Clown Birthday Pancakes

Maybe its the M & Ms at breakfast that make them so exciting!

Birthday Pancake

Regardless of how this habit got started or what makes it so special, Clown Pancakes will always be a birthday tradition at our house.

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Does your family have any fun birthday traditions?


  1. So cute! I love how the clown is smiling up at all of them 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing this at our link up! Hope you come back again this week, Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

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