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Favorite Lists & Questions: Best Articles of 2015

Thank you for being a faithful reader. I hope you enjoy this mini collection of top articles from 2015. Lists & questions were clear favorites!

Lists & questions are clearly reader favorites this year! Enjoy 15 of Joy In My Kitchen's best articles from 2015 all collected in one place.


It’s been quiet around here for a few weeks. Not at my house, that’s for sure! But here on the blog, ’cause, well, there are so many other things to do besides blogging!

Actually, my plan was to use most of December to prepare for January . . . not moving too far in that direction though. I have lots of ideas and notes sketched out on paper – getting them into publishable form is another story.

And I really am still working on completing the Bible study that accompanies the Identity In Christ cardsHave you printed yours yet? Mine are still stuck in my Bible, but I really should move them around the house – or to the car! Where’s your favorite place to stick them?

Anyway . . . 

Today, I’ve pulled together a quick recap of the last year with 15 of Joy In My Kitchen’s most popular articles from 2015. Lists & questions top the charts for sure.

Which brings me to . . . a question for you! What would YOU like me to write about? I do actually have all my articles (including a few more lists and questions!) planned for both January and February. But after that, I could use your ideas.

I really do want this space to be a source of encouragement and inspiration for you. Hope you find one – or more! – of the following to enjoy. Then I’d sure appreciate it if you’d leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to see in the coming year.


5 Top-Viewed Articles of 2015

The numbers show these to be reader favorites. Many thanks to all who’ve shared them across the ‘net.

31 Heart-Revealing Questions to Ask Your Kids – fun, un-intimidating questions that will help you get to know your child

23 Questions for A Kid’s Perspective on Your Parenting – you’ll be encouraged and challenged when you find out what your kids really think of you

50+ Simple Lego Challenges – inspire creativity in your kids with these little projects

20 Fun Dates to Enjoy With Your Husband at Home – simple ideas to get you out of the movie-watching rut

40+ Gifts Under $5 for Everyone on Your Listperfect for Christmas, but many of the ideas are great for weddings, baby showers and birthdays too!


5 Articles From 2015 That Continue To Impact Me

Believe it or not, I come back to re-read articles I’ve written! Just because I’ve thought something through and written it out doesn’t mean I always remember it.

Ways to Support Your Husband While He’s Working Overtime8 ways to encourage your husband when he has to spend extra hours away from the family

7 Simple Gifts to Give Your Child Every Day – want to move from rules to relationship in your parenting? Try adding these practices to your routine.

How To See A Bad Day as Holy to the Lord – learn how to look at those “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” days a little differently!

Iron Women – a collection of encouraging and challenging articles from women who’ve helped me be the best mom I can be.

Is Your Compassion Constrained by a Cause?a story about my son rescuing people from the trash and 3 thoughts to challenge your view of compassion.


5 Articles Shared on Friends’ Sites

{Links will take you directly to the site containing the complete article.}

9 Things Every Foster Parent Needs to Know – shared at Equipping Godly Women – I still haven’t put our adoption stories into words, but these are some lessons from our personal experience with foster care.

10 Reasonable Expectations for Including Kids in the Kitchen – shared at Arabah Joy – having the right expectations can prevent, OK – probably just minimize the chances of loosing your mind when the kids start cooking!

3 Truths to Remember When You Feel Like an Inadequate Mom (Handpicked by God) – shared at Busy Being Blessed – do you ever feel like you’re completely unprepared for the challenges of being a mom? Me too! Encouragement from the life of Mary, mother of Jesus.

6 Keys for Developing Courage in Every Boy – shared at Kaylene YoderI’m no expert, but here are a few observations I’ve made as I’ve considered teaching my boys about courage.

Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy Together {+ a few peace-keeping strategies!} – shared at Path Through The Narrow Gatea list of our family’s favorites; can be played by kids from 2 to 92!


Did you have a JIMK favorite not mentioned here? I’d love to hear about it.

And I really would like to hear YOUR requests and suggestions for future articles! Leave them below or send me an email.



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  1. 2015 was a good year at our place!

  2. Abi, thanks for stopping by Tuesday Talk today! I want to read your post about a bad day being holy. That might be a good one to share with MTO, huh?

    You are doing a good thing over here, and women respond to your practical wisdom! I am praying for you as you parent your “swillers”! Love getting to know you better and hearing more about your days and your family over at MTO. Keep the comments coming!

    • You are such a great encourager, Ruthie, and I do appreciate your prayers. Based on this morning, I should read that post again. I’ll check back in at MTO again soon.

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