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Finding a Four-Leaf Clover {Friday Fun Fact: Edition #2}

According to the March 2013 issue (Yes, I realize that it is 2014 . . . apparently this issue just wandered out from under a bookshelf somewhere!) of National Geographic KIDS, “Only 1 in 10,000 clovers has four leaves.”


We have no idea how many clovers are growing in our yard.  They seem to have taken over in the last couple years.  The rabbits used to feast here regularly, but the resident feline hunter has made them more wary.


So, the clover is growing out of control.

If we wanted to figure out how many were growing we might be able to do so based on how many four-leaf specimens the kids find.  They bring them in by the fistfuls!  Sometimes they go in vases, sometimes they shrivel up on the kitchen counter, usually they get pressed between the pages of books.  Sometimes they are removed and given away, most of them will probably be discovered with exclamations of delight several years from now.


Most people probably find four-leaf clovers unexpectedly.  Setting out to find them intentionally may not yield satisfactory results.  Unless you know where to look!  And if you’ve found one, you can probably find another one.


If you’re looking for a lazy outdoor treasure hunt, check out this tutorial or this guide.

Do you like to hunt for four leaf clovers?  Do you have any in your yard?


Your turn! I'd love to hear your thoughts or questions.