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Fun Projects for Kids Using Leftover Yarn

What do you do when your neighbor gifts you a large box of leftover yarn? Decide that the summer’s craft projects will use it up. And then search Pinterest, of course!

A few of these projects are so cute you’ll want to go buy yarn if you don’t have any leftover.


Are your kids bored? Let them use up that stash of leftover yarn with these kid-friendly projects. Weaving, finger-knitting, dolls, vases and more.


Kid-Friendly Projects to Use Up Leftover Yarn


Yarn Dolls | The Crafty Classroom – boys or girls; easy to tie

Braided Yarn Dolls | The Craft Train – boys or girls; braided limbs


Fun, kid-friendly projects to use up leftover yarn: braided yarn dolls

Here are our cuties. Definitely used up a few colors with this project!


Handmade PomPoms | The Craft Train – any size you want!

Homemade Cardboard Loom – for learning to weave a rectangle

Cardboard Circle Weaving – simple and customizable; leave plain or dress up with beads or pompoms

Woven Cup | Fave Crafts – lots of uses for these; they do take some time, so use larger yarn or a patient, persistent child!

Soda Straw Weaving – a little tricky since plastic straws are kind of slippery, but nimble fingers or lots of help can still make it work

Yarn Wrapped Bottle Vase | Inside y Hideaway – we’ve done these in the past . . . they make great gifts but are not quick; give the kids with less patience the really fat yarn! Or use a tin can to make a pencil holder.

Geometric String Stars | Creative Jewish Mom – so cool; hang anywhere or use on the Christmas tree

Craft Stick Butterflies | The Craft Train – bright and fun; a new twist on the traditional God’s Eye


Fun projects for kid using leftover yarn

I share our butterflies with you for two reasons . . . one, so you can see that we really are making these things! And two, to remind you that kids’ projects will not look as perfectly beautiful as the images in tutorials. It’s okay!


Finger Knitting for Beginners | Happy Homeschool Nest – easy-to-follow, step-by-step photos

Finger Knitting Butterfly | Red Ted Art – very pretty; could be a package topper or add a safety pin to make a fashion accessory

Finger Knitting Bunny | Red Ted Art – even more adorable than the butterflies; could even become a favorite toy, at least for a few days

Beaded Finger Knitting Necklaces | Hello Wonderful – super simple starter project

Knitted Snake | Repeat Crafter Me – use a cardboard roll and a few popsicle sticks to create our own knitting tube and a whole family of snakes


For a messy project, we could do Yarn Painting again.


Yarn Painting


When we get tired of yarn, we might try these Sock Bunnies from A Pumpkin and a Princess. Because we also have plenty of spare, no-pair socks.


And if the boys turn their noses up at our spare yarn projects, we’ll suggest they practice their sharp-shooter skills by making some cool new targets.

Spinning Nerf Targets | Frugal Fun for Boys – supply list: popsicle sticks, card stock, pennies, glue, tape, string, straws, and something to suspend the string

Lego Nerf Targets  | Frugal Fun for Boys – supply list: legos!


If that’s not their style, they can always build a Lego Marble Maze like this one from Little Bins for Little Hands.


How will you use up leftover yarn?

Your turn! I'd love to hear your thoughts or questions.