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Gluten Free Treats to Make Date Night Special

Looking for gluten free treats? These sweet recipes will help make any occasion special.

Make date night or any other event special; serve one of these gluten free treats for dessert. Easy recipes for homemade candy, two-person cookies & more.

We love our simple at-home date nights.

Sure, we’re at home together a lot. Working at life. And projects. And parenting.

It’s easy to get caught up in those things and forget to enjoy each other’s company. So we purposefully set aside time (almost) each week for that purpose. Being just the two of us. Enjoying one another.

Like I said, these times are simple. Gourmet dinner by candle light once the kids are finally in bed just isn’t going to happen.

But dessert. I can make dessert happen!

We don’t share dessert every date night, but here’s a list of what I might make when we do.

If you don’t like chocolate, what’s wrong with you? I mean, I’m sorry! Obviously I do since all but one of the following recipes involve chocolate. (If you don’t eat chocolate, share in the comments what dessert would make date night special for you.) Since H. avoids gluten, all recipes are for gluten free treats. Most of them also use (or can be easily adapted to) unrefined sugar.

Now, do I make enough to serve the kids before we send them off to bed or just let them drool as they attempt to fall asleep?

Gluten Free Treats for Date Night


Paleo Chocolate Chip Pizookie – this is the recipe that inspired me to create this list; I easily halved the recipe for one skillet which is more than enough for two people. Definitely eat it warm, but try to let it cool a little before digging in . . . yes, I burned my tongue!

Skillet Brownie for Two – skip the artificial sweetener and use coconut sugar instead; increase the amount if you don’t prefer DARK chocolate. Vanilla ice cream on top is optional – or maybe not!


Dairy-Free No-Machine Rocky Road Ice Cream – okay . . . she claims it’s easy; I haven’t tried it yet, though. It’s definitely in the make-ahead category, but it absolutely looks worth making!

Frozen Lemonade – this super yummy (and easy) recipe is perfect for a summer date night; the kids appreciated us sharing this one with them!


Homemade Peanut Butter Cups – everyone’s favorite; only 4 ingredients and super simple.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds – try not to munch down the whole recipe during your movie!

Paleo Peppermint Patties – just 5 ingredients and good for you too.

Salted Chocolate Caramel Cashew Clusters – I’m not a caramel fan, but I know someone who is!

3-Ingredient Fudge Bites – what could be easier?

Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Cups – they sound so fancy, but not at all difficult.

Homemade Junior Mints – these little gems are easier than you might think and delicious!

Almond Joy Cookie Bars – part cookie, part candy and completely yummy.


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How do you make a simple date night special?


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  1. Thanks for these great ideas!! I can’t wait to try the peppermints!

  2. Okay, I could have sworn I commented on this.

    These look scrumptious Abi and what a wonderful round-up of dessert ideas. After all, date night should include desserts, right?!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Some of those treats are definitely going on my date-night list! Or my breakfast menu… 😉 Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Savoring Saturdays, Abi! Hope to see you back again this weekend!

    • Breakfast? Wow, that would be special! I know of an amazing chocolate muffin recipe that’s full of protein and vegetables I’ll have to share with you sometime . . . might sustain you a little longer than these treats. 🙂

  4. All of these options sound wonderful! Thanks for the encouragement to make date nights a priority. 🙂

    • Hard to decide which to make first, huh? Hope you get to enjoy a date night (and a fun sweet treat!) with you husband soon.

  5. These are sweet! (Ha!) Thank you for including very simple recipes for us less-ambitious types.

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