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How Kids Can Change the World

Your kids have opportunities to change the world around them every day in three small ways. Will you help make that possible for them?


One of the boys recently pulled a Samaritan’s Purse envelope out of the trash and asked, “Mom, who are those people?”

I could have told him to leave the trash alone. But, he doesn’t normally pull things out of the garbage, so I looked.

“I don’t know. Let’s open it and find out.”

We read about people in Nepal who’d been displaced by an earthquake. His response was instant.

“Mom! We should help them. I have money. What can it buy?”

His enthusiasm enlisted the interest of his brothers. Together, they poured out the contents of their giving envelopes at the top of the stairs. They counted out dollar bills and quarters. They handed me $51.

“Should we say it’s for mosquito nets or food or pots and pans?”

“Well,” I replied, “since we don’t know what’s been supplied already, how about if we say it can go toward whatever is most needed?”

Yes, they decided, that would be best.

“Will you send it to them, Mom? All of it?”

“Yes, I’ll do it right now.”

Then they were gone – back to whatever boys go back to after they’ve changed the world.

. . .

How Kids Can Change the World

. . .

I’m still blinking back the tears, swallowing past the lump in my throat and thanking God that the faces on the envelope were not trash to them.

They recognized real people who had a real need.

Their hearts were moved with compassion, and they acted. They didn’t spend time lamenting their inability to eliminate the problem. They recognized what they could do and did it.

Without realizing it, they were following the example of Jesus whose compassion always caused Him to act.


How Kids Can Change the World

  1. Recognize a need – learn to see beyond themselves
  2. Care that a need exists – understand that another’s lack matters
  3. Meet the need – do whatever is in their power to offer comfort


Our kids have opportunities to change the world every day. At home, at school, in the community. Even in the mail! With a smile, a friendly word, a kind deed. Maybe some quarters and dollar bills they’ve saved.

Let’s help them see, encourage them to care and support their desire to do what they can.


Serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13

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  1. This is beautiful Abi. What conscientious, loving, and giving children you have.

    I see this with children. It’s amazing how they are so open, and giving with others.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us.

    • Yes, kids do seem generally ready to help the hurting. Hopefully we can continue to foster that attitude regardless of what opinions others may try to give them.

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