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Label It! {A Time Saving Tip}


This time saving tip has saved me countless hours of searching and frustration.  I finally started labeling my homemade solutions.  Labeling what they are is important – OK, vital, especially if you expect any one in the house besides yourself to use what you’ve made! What’s really made a difference is that I’ve started to label the containers with the actual recipe for making them (or at least the website at which to find the recipe).

I have homemade mixes in all parts of my house.  You can find them in:

  • kitchen cupboards (baking powder)
  • the refrigerator (stevia extract and sunflower butter)
  • the cleaning caddy (glass cleaner and all purpose cleaners)
  • the laundry room (detergent)

When one of these solutions would run out I would have to search my brain to remember how I made it last time or where I had seen the recipe.  That would lead to wasted time browsing websites or flipping through various books and magazines to find the original formula.  It was frustrating enough when I used something up and had to interrupt what I was doing to stop and remember how to make more.  What was more annoying was when the kids used up a cleaning solution and then declare themselves “unable” to complete their job.

So . . . I finally started to label my containers with the ingredients and instructions for making more.  And if its really too complicated to fit on the container (like the small stevia bottle) I just label it with the address of the website where I found the recipe.  Now, when one of my sons says, “There’s no more soap – I can’t start the laundry (or clean the toilet or wash the mirror),”  I can say, “The recipe is on the side of the container; you can make some more.”

And when I discover that my baking powder container doesn’t contain enough baking powder to finish biscuits for dinner I can whip it together quickly instead of grumbling about where to find the recipe and having to take out another cookbook.


Would labeling homemade solutions with a recipe make things easier at your house? What items will you be labeling soon?

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