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Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Spray {with Essential Oils}

Homemade Cleaning Spray


Before I share the formula for this Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Spray, I want to show you a picture.


Ruined Carpet


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Those are the stairs that lead to our second floor.  And the toilet cleaner we used at one time.  And the holes the toilet cleaner ate in the carpet.

How did that happen?

Before I started making many of my own household cleaners I purchased various “green” brands.  But they were expensive and the scents ususally bothered me.

I had plans to try some homemade solutions, so when the toilet bowl cleaner ran out I didn’t purchase more.

Unfortunately, it took me too long to get around to that.  H. wanted to be helpful, so, one day when he was at the store, he purchased the offending bottle seen above.  Once it was home, I figured we might as well use it.

Several weeks later, when it was time for one of the twins to clean the bathroom, he set the cleaning caddy on the stairs while he went to get something.  To his credit, he took all the spray bottles with him.  He thought it would be okay to leave the container with the “child-proof” lid.  Reasonable assumption.

In the couple minutes he was gone, one of his sisters found the caddy, picked up the toilet bowl cleaner, got the lid off and squirted it on the stairs.

At first, we weren’t sure what had happened.  The holes you can see in the picture looked like pools of oozing black slime.  And it really stunk.

My first reaction was to wipe the stuff up quickly so it wouldn’t ruin the carpet.  I didn’t realize it was the carpet – the remains of those sections anyway.

So, that’s why I now make a simple cleaning spray that’s versatile enough to cover just about anything you might need or want to clean.  I use it on floors, counters and toilet bowls.  I even use it to spot clean the carpet!

Supplies Needed to Make Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Spray
  • medium size spray bottle (mine hold 2 cups with room to spare; I found them at Kroger)
  • castile soap (1-3 teaspoons)
  • essential oils (see suggestions below)
  • 2 cups water

That’s it!

Method for Making Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Spray
  1. Squirt castile soap into empty spray bottle.  I use about a teaspoon.  Some people prefer to use as much as a tablespoon.  More than that will make the solution too sudsy.
  2. Put 20 drops of your favorite disinfecting essential oil(s) into the spray bottle with the castile soap.
  3. Slowly add two cups of water.  Adding the water too fast will cause the suds to multiply and bubble over the edge . . . and all the water won’t fit into the spray bottle.
Essential Oil Suggestions

All of the following have anti-septic and other disinfecting properties.

Disinfecting Essential Oils


Lemon – simple, fresh and uplifting; the most economical choice

Protective Blend – an excellent cleansing blend; the clove and cinnamon make it smell Christmasy; I usually use this one in the kids’ cleaning bottle

Cleansing Blend – combination of several disinfecting oils; this is my favorite – reminiscent of the old pine-sol my mom used to mop floors (my son claims this scent will “kill him,” so this bottle stays in my bathroom!)

Melaleuca – another great disinfecting oil; when the son mentioned above requested a cleaner that smelled like Wild Orange I combined these two

Toilet Bowl Cleaner


label my spray bottle with the recipe so its easy for anyone to mix up as soon as it runs out.

Have an extra dirty or stained toilet?  Check out this post at Mom’s Morning Coffee.

What essential oils do you like to use in your homemade cleaners?

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  1. Love essential oils and cleaning naturally! Thank you for sharing your recipe at the Art of Home-Making Mondays! 🙂 I will be pinning this!

  2. Brittany at EquippingGodlyWomen.com says:

    Wow. If that story doesn’t convince people to switch, I don’t know what will! What do you use this cleaning solution for? windows? all-purpose? dirt? grime?

  3. I love this, I just started making my own too as I run out and I love learning how others do it too.

  4. Thanks for sharing these great non-toxic cleaning ideas with us at Coffee and Conversation. 🙂 You’re one of our features tomorrow!

  5. Thanks for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays. It’s good to get the word out that there are better ways to clean than with toxic carpet (and who knows what else!) eating chemicals!

  6. Wow! Who knew that a toilet bowl cleaner would eat a hole in carpet. I have used that cleaner 1,000 times. I can’t help but think if it can eat a hole in the carpet what the heck is it doing to the pipes.

    • Oh – not an encouraging thought! Hopefully they’ve at least tested it on plumbing. It is a blessing that homemade cleaner recipes abound now, though.


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