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3 Step “Not Gonna Be A Crazy Mom” Plan

Do summer activities have you feeling hectic and frazzled? Follow this simple, 3 step plan and avoid crazy mom syndrome this summer.


Summertime, and the livin’ is  . . .

How would you complete that sentence?

The old song says “easy,” right? Certainly not the word I’d pick.

As school came to a close, I was looking forward to a relaxing summer. With plenty of time to read and accomplish things that are just harder to get to in the busier seasons.

But when I sat down to plot out everyone’s activities, the days and weeks filled up faster than I wanted to see. Camps, activities, visits, trips. I began to feel like I was just barely gonna hold things together. Keeping my cool, managing the mayhem, and taking time to enjoy and love all my people felt like a tall order. Like it was gonna make me a crazy mom.

With the reliable routine of the school year out the window, my kids decided they were bored and I felt like everything all of a sudden got really hectic. So I made a plan. An “avoid being a crazy mom” plan. Do you need it too?

How to Avoid Being A Crazy Mom

1) Breathe – That’s right. No breath holding aloud! Breathe deeply, roll those shoulders and remember, it’s not about me. God has a plan, and His plans always lead to good.

2) Pray – Take your concerns right to The One who understands all things, who has all wisdom and is ready to share it. The things you didn’t expect – He knows how to handle them.

3) Read – Lots of things hopefully, but the Bible for sure. That’s where the wisdom is. That’s where I remember who God is. Remember that He’s always been in control. That He still is.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10
And Repeat! – This is not a one-and-done plan. I will go through this process multiple times a day . . . sometimes multiple times an hour. Though sometimes “read” will be replaced with “rehearse,” repeating the Scriptures and principles I have tucked away in my heart.

And that’s how I will maintain my perspective. Starting to turn crazy mom?

BREATH . . . PRAY . . . READ . . . REPEAT


How will you avoid being a crazy mom?





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  1. Liz Giertz says:

    Great pointers… I already feel like crazy mom, and we are adding a move across the country on top of all the usual summer fun!! I’m going to be doing a LOT of breath, pray, read, and repeat! Blessings!

    • Oh, Liz . . . we did a move across the country a couple summers ago. Craziness, not to mention a lot of uncertainty, for sure. May God go before you to prepare the way and prepare your heart to meet all the good He has in store for you family. Hope you find many moments to enjoy in the midst of it all.

  2. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen) says:

    Having a plan (and prayer) is definitely key! Happy Summer!

    • Yes, having a go-to plan in place makes a big difference in how I respond to the chaos. Thanks for visiting, Paula. Enjoy your summer.

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