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Opportunity: My Homeschool Attitude Plan

There are lots of plans you and I can make as we get ready to start school. Only one of those will really make or break our year - that's our attitude.


School starts for us on Tuesday.  I am not ready.

I’m really a September schoolgirl at heart.  When the neighbors were climbing onto busses a couple weeks ago I felt like I still had plenty of time to prepare myself.

I was wrong.

The time is upon me and I must face the inevitable.  Our fifth year of homeschooling must begin.

I need plans.

A breakfast plan.

A plan for packing lunch on co-op days.

Plans for snacks.

A curriculum plan.

A plan to keep the younger ones out of mischief while I concentrate on subjects for the older ones.

When all is said and done, however, I know that not one of those things will make or break our year.  It won’t matter how perfectly or imperfectly I establish or execute them.

What will define our year is my attitude.


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.


What I really need is an attitude plan.

So here it is . . .

My Homeschool Attitude Plan

Homeschooling is not easy for us.  My kids don’t gravitate toward learning with joy and enthusiasm.  Its hard to keep teaching them when they resist constantly.

I like to think its my kids who need to work on their attitudes.  (They do!)  But the only attitude I can change is the one that belongs to me.

As I’ve prayed about the coming year over the last few weeks, I’ve become aware of a few things.

I am far too quick to recognize faults and failures.  Too ready to criticize and correct.

I am easily provoked to impatience and annoyance anger.  I view their struggles as problems and their issues as interruptions.

It shouldn’t be that way.


The anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.

James 1:20

I cannot go through this year continually grumpy about their stubbornness.  Annoyed at their lack of motivation.  Frustrated by their lack of love for one another.

By the grace of God my homeschool attitude plan for this year is to look at every situation as an opportunity to display God’s character to my children.

I have no doubt that I will have plenty of opportunities to do the following:

There are lots of plans you and I can make as we get ready to start school. Only one of those will really make or break our year - that's our attitude.


What attitude have you chosen for this school year?


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  1. Those thoughts have been in my mind lately, and your post confirmed it: i need to work on my attitude. Just so hard with 4 kids, work, lack of sleep and a messy house that just screams ‘chores’ in each and every corner. I want to enjoy my kids too…

    • I hear you, Lara. Controlling my own attitude in the midst of what feels like continual chaos is a constant challenge. Praying that God will help you discover joy this week. (The post I hope to publish tomorrow speaks to that topic!)

  2. I am very quick to annoyance and exasperation! I also need to adjust my attitude to and try to just go with it. Some days I just want to GET.STUFF.DONE. and I end up expecting my children (5, 2 and 11 mo) to cooperate – but they’re kids, not little employees. I like your attitude plan.

    • I know the feeling, Amanda! Adjusting to kid speed isn’t always easy. Little by little, we can each change and enjoy embracing the opportunities. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful post! Truthful and relevant to my life. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Christi. I have to come back to this often. May you have the grace you need for this week.

  4. Such good reminders as the newness of the school year starting has started wearing off!

  5. Thank you and god bless you !! 🙂 ~amy

  6. Oh yes! This is a delightful reminder. Attitude is KEY! The Lord wants us to approach our children and our teaching with the right attitude. Thankfully He’s there to help us do just that!

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    • I so appreciate your sweet, encouraging words, Jennifer. I’m sure glad God is here to help me with my attitude. May we both surrender our responses to Him each new day.

      • This was good for me to re-read today. As my daughter finishes off her Provincial Assessment, I am thanking the Lord for all she knows, rather than pouncing on what she doesn’t know. Attitude is important and our children pick up on that attitude.

        Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

        Wishing you a lovely day.

        • The kids sure do pick up on our attitudes don’t they! When I start to get frustrated at what they are displaying, I do have to stop and see if they are reflecting me . . .

  7. This is great inspiration for me!

  8. Thank you so much for the encouraging reminder, Abi.

  9. Attitude is key! Thanks for sharing your post at the #laughlearnlinkup.

  10. Brittany at EquippingGodlyWomen.com says:

    Love this post! My son has definitely had an attitude problem lately, but unfortunately, I know where he got it from…Sharing on FB!

  11. While I can’t relate to homeschooling, I can relate to the idea that the way we handle situations is tied directly to our own attitudes. Well written post. Kudos on showing a great attitude 🙂

  12. This is so true…. I hope you have a wonderful start to your school year. 🙂

    • Thank you. All good things will certainly be “according to [Christ’s] power which mightily works within me.” Colossians 1:29

  13. Wonderful! God be with you. I am praying with you.


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