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7 Characteristics of a Strong Family

  In 1858 Abraham Lincoln began his most memorable speech with these words: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Lincoln, of course, was addressing a weakness he saw in America at the time. I believe the same weakness, lack of unity, threatens to destroy many families today. If you want a strong family, one that […]

How to Entertain Kids While You Wait

Do you ever wonder how to entertain kids while you wait? Sitting in an office, standing in a line, waiting for a show to begin? Jot these ideas down and stick them in your wallet. Pull it out the next time the kids threaten to do gymnastics across the seats.   Every Thursday, the twins have strings lessons. […]

Screen Free Activities for Moms

What could you accomplish if you went screen free – even if only for a few minutes?   What do you do when you find yourself with 5 or 10 extra minutes? Extra minutes, you say! What are those? You know, when you’ve finished cleaning the bathrooms with 5 minutes to spare before you leave to pick […]

What’s More Important Than Arriving On Time?

Everyone knows that arriving late is disrespectful, right? If you assign any value to a person or consider an event worth attending, then you’ll display your honor with promptness. Most people will also acknowledge that getting out of the house in order to get somewhere on time can be a challenge, especially for moms. And […]

3 Truths For When You’re Feeling Hopeless

Have the struggles of life left you feeling hopeless? Fix your mind on these truths today.   As a child of God whose sins have been forgiven, I know that my biggest problem has already been solved. But this world is full of trouble. My life still contains challenges. I get discouraged. Sometimes I loose […]