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Screen Free Activities for Moms

What could you accomplish if you went screen free – even if only for a few minutes?

Have 5-10 spare minutes? Don't waste them on the screen! Get out of the social media trap, mom; use your time well with this list of screen free activities.


What do you do when you find yourself with 5 or 10 extra minutes?

Extra minutes, you say! What are those?

You know, when you’ve finished cleaning the bathrooms with 5 minutes to spare before you leave to pick up the kids.

Or (believe it or not) everyone is dressed, fed, packed and ready to head to the car . . . except if you leave right now, you’ll be 15 minutes early. And if you’re over 5 minutes early, someone will have a meltdown while waiting for whatever it is to start. So . . . you’re just better off waiting 10 minutes to leave.

Waiting for your son to finish soccer practice, or the doctor to call you into his office. While the kids brush their teeth before you tuck them in. Before it’s time to wake everyone up for the morning.

You may have more spare minute times during the day than you realize!

So, how do you use that time?

Read your email? Scroll Facebook? Check out Instagram or Twitter? Peruse Pinterest?

If those minutes are the best time for you to do those things. And you can keep yourself from getting sucked into the screen for twice as long as you intended, bravo! Go ahead.

But hey, I know how easy it can be for “just a few minutes” to turn into half an hour. And suddenly a few minutes to unwind disappear in a frenzy of, “Oh, no! Now I’m really behind.” Then all the seemingly little tasks that help us stay organized begin to feel like annoyances.

What if we decided to declare those spare minute times “screen free”? 

What would I do, you say? 5-10 minutes isn’t enough time to get anything done.

You might be surprised! Check out this list of suggestions; I bet you’ll even think of a few more things you could easily do with just a few spare minutes!


Have 5-10 spare minutes? Don't waste them on the screen! Get out of the social media trap, mom; use your time well with this list of screen free activities.

Screen Free Activities That Take 10 Minutes or Less!

Personal Care

Go ahead and laugh at the first couple if you must. But if you’re anything like me, you may only notice their deplorable condition after you’ve reached your final destination and everyone is exiting the vehicle.

  • Cut nails – yours or the kids
  • Check to see if little ears need cleaning
  • Brush and/or fix someone’s hair
  • Have you eaten lately? If not, grab one of these nourishing snacks!
  • Do a few stretches
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Restock the band-aids in your wallet – seriously, don’t leave home without them

Household Tasks

  • Empty the drainboard or dishwasher
  • Take meat out of the freezer
  • Set out ingredients you’ll need for a recipe later
  • Sweep the floor
  • Start, switch, fold or put away laundry – just take one bite of that elephant!
  • Wash a few dishes

Organizational Tasks

  • Review the calendar for upcoming events
  • Make an appointment
  • Pay a bill
  • Jot down meal plan ideas

Relationship Care

Calming Activities

Completing any of the above items would be great, but it’s also okay to relax and refresh for a few minutes.

  • Stop and take a few slow, deep breaths
  • Sit still and observe the outside world
  • Reflect on things you can be thankful for
  • Read a Psalm
  • Pray for a friend
  • Practice some Scripture memory


Yay! Don’t you feel calmer now that you’ve kept a few spare minutes screen free? you’re more on top of your homemaking game. I bet you’re feeling calmer too.


What screen free activities will keep you more on top of your homemaking game?


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  1. These are great ideas! I’m going to think twice before I pick up my phone first when I have those few free moments! Awesome post!

  2. Oh my goodness, when you see it laid out like this you can’t help but think of all you could get done if you had minimal screen time!

    I’ve been “rewarding” myself with shows/movies my husband doesn’t want to watch while riding my recumbent bike… not screen free but an incentive for screen time (and a great way to squeen my exercises in).

    I like your list of ideas – prayer and scripture memory are great ones! Which by the way, I read something recently along the lines of… imagine what the world would be like if we picked up our Bibles to read as much as we checked our phones. Wow. Yes, the world would be a different place indeed.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, what different lives we’d have if we checked our Bibles as often as we check our phones! And I think rewarding yourself with enjoying a story (even on screen!) is a great incentive for getting some things done. 🙂

  3. Yes, absolutely we can use those few moments we all have! Thanks for compiling the list, Abi! Glad to have popped in from #GraceandTruth!

    • Happy to have you visit, Jill. Amazing how much headway we can really make on some of the necessities in just a few minutes. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. bekalynn02 says:

    Great ideas! It’s so true! I often go online to look for something and totally forget what it was and sucked into Pinterest or Fb. Of course there are times when that’s okay but I have been really trying to be present in the “real” world more;) If I really did all the things I need to before getting online it wouldn’t till be late at night or never. Ha!

    • Yes, it’s good to allocate time for social media and browsing . . . when it won’t interfere with something else. As far as finishing all that needs to be done – you’re right, probably never!

  5. dawnklinge says:

    I love these ideas. I believe you’re right. We can get sucked into our screens and before we know it, more time than we intended has passed. I love these simple and practical ideas on what to do instead with those extra minutes. Thank you for linking with Grace and Truth last week. I would love to feature this post tomorrow.

    • Thanks, Dawn. Just today, I was tempted to check FB before taking the dog out but washed my sinkful of dishes instead – took me less than 10 minutes! I appreciate the work you do in hosting Grace & Truth and am honored to be featured.

  6. It’s amazing the things we can do with only a few minutes. I love the productivity list you put together!

  7. Great ways to redeem the time! Abi! I agree–those few minutes can turn into wasted time.

    • And a few minutes here and there turn into a lot of time over the course of a day. Glad you stopped by, Dianne. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I love these ideas! Those little minutes really do add up. Thank you for your encouragement to use our time wisely. May God bless you.

    • They sure do, Anna Joy. It’s amazing what difference how we (I) use just a couple minutes can make in my attitude and productivity. Enjoy your weekend.

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