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The Only Way to Parent With Confidence

Until our first-born arrived, none of us had ever parented before. It all feels like an experiment with a lot of uncertainties. What makes it possible to parent with confidence?   Most of us would say that we love being a parent . . . at least some of the time, right? But being a parent (noun) […]

Joy of Being Ordinary: Interview with Lea Ann Garfias

Today, I get to interview Lea Ann Garfias, author of Rocking Ordinary. Her answers to the questions I asked give us a glimpse into the joy she finds in being ordinary. I hope you enjoy her perspective and come away encouraged that all the ordinary activities that fill your days are divinely appointed to make an extraordinary difference. Amazon affiliate links included for […]

Will You Win Your Child’s Heart or Lose It?

I don’t believe any parent sets out to lose the heart of their child. Yet it’s not so very hard to do. So many things vie for the hearts of our kids and attempt to capture their affections daily. How can we help them choose us? What will encourage our children to desire our input into their lives? If you want […]

8 Simple Tools For Raising Great Kids

Choose the right parenting tools, and raising great kids may be simpler than you thought!   Are you looking for an easy-to-read, hope-filled, practical parenting book? Of course you are! What parent isn’t, right. Well, good news . . . I found one for you! 8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids by Dr. Todd Cartmell is just […]

Building Your House {Book Review}

How would you like to organize your space, refine your routines, create great habits and settle your heart in the whole process? Yes? Well, I am not the best person to mentor you along that journey! So, let me introduce you to Shannon Upton of Organizing You Ministries and author of two books: Organizing You: Finding Your Spiritual […]