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How Kids Can Change the World

  One of the boys recently pulled a Samaritan’s Purse envelope out of the trash and asked, “Mom, who are those people?” I could have told him to leave the trash alone. But, he doesn’t normally pull things out of the garbage, so I looked. “I don’t know. Let’s open it and find out.” We read about […]

What’s More Important Than Arriving On Time?

Everyone knows that arriving late is disrespectful, right? If you assign any value to a person or consider an event worth attending, then you’ll display your honor with promptness. Most people will also acknowledge that getting out of the house in order to get somewhere on time can be a challenge, especially for moms. And […]

Orphan Care . . . How Can You Care? – Part 1

Orphan Sunday – November 13, 2016   Last week I addressed why orphan care matters.  This week I’d like to share some of the many ways you can be involved in caring for orphans. I’m not going to categorize them or list them in any particular order. Every one is legitimate.  Every one is necessary. You won’t find […]