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Do You Know How To Restore Your Joy?

Does the chaos of your day have you discouraged? Discover the key that will restore your joy.   Hello, dear friend. How’s your day going? Are you content? Is your heart filled with joy? Or did you loose those qualities somewhere between the burnt breakfast and the last battle of wills with your challenging child? Does the thought of answering those questions make […]

My Happy Place . . . the best is yet to come!

Erica from Raising Munchies recently wrote about her happy place and invited me to do the same. I’ve thought of several things that bring me joy and encourage my heart. Things cause me to feel a little lighter, breathe a little easier or smile a little more. Sitting quietly to soak up the Word of God, dwelling on His promises […]

Opportunity: My Homeschool Attitude Plan

  School starts for us on Tuesday.  I am not ready. I’m really a September schoolgirl at heart.  When the neighbors were climbing onto busses a couple weeks ago I felt like I still had plenty of time to prepare myself. I was wrong. The time is upon me and I must face the inevitable. […]