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March Holidays and Birthdays 2015

  February has flown by as usual, so it’s already time for a list of March holidays and birthdays – plus a couple fun days! There’s a hoard of ridiculous days not even worth mentioning this month . . . We’re going to focus on the amazing number of famous birthdays instead. 🙂 A couple miscellaneous holidays […]

February Holidays, Birthdays and Fun Days 2015

If you thought Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day were the only things to celebrate in February, think again! There’s lots of food, science, history, literature and more to enjoy. I didn’t make any of them up (and I didn’t include everything either!) February may be a short month, but its jam packed with holidays, birthdays and fun […]

January Holidays, Birthdays and Fun Days 2015

Want to mark some historical events, add a little literary trivia or celebrate something unusual this month? Here’s a list of January holidays, birthdays and fun days. This list is by no means exhaustive – I’ve picked people and ideas that are of interest to our family. Maybe some will interest you too. I am not […]