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I’m so glad you’ve joined me here at Joy In My Kitchen. I look forward to walking alongside you as we learn together how to find joy in the midst of our ordinary (and sometimes messy) days.

Once I get things all set up, you’ll also receive sort-of-regular newsletters from me. These will contain a combination of practical tips and heart-felt encouragement – the kind of stuff we’d share if we were chatting while our kids played together.


There are currently three downloads available to all subscribers. You’ll find both links below. And, hey, if you think these resources would bless your friends too, I’d love to have you share. But please, don’t send them to this page directly . . . this is subscriber only space! Anyone can sign up through this link: http://eepurl.com/bBkZbn


Subscriber Gifts!


Fulfill Your God-Given Purpose Today: 25 Questions to Keep You on Track

Read the article explaining the above questions HERE!


Opportunities to make today better!

Download the 8 x 10 print here: Today’s Opportunities



A Bible Study That Reveals Your Identity in Christ


Download your copy here:

“You Are . . . A Bible Study that Reveals Your Identity In Christ.”

I pray that the truths you discover will encourage your faith, increase your joy and challenge you to live each day confident that your identity in Christ is secure no matter what happens.


New here?

I hope you’ll take some time to look around. Here’s a sample of reader favorites to get you started.

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Let’s not keep this conversation one-sided! Email me your questions, comments, suggestions or stories! I’d enjoy hearing from you.