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Women Who Challenge Me To Be The Best Mom I Can Be

Friends, we cannot do this mom thing on our own. Every one of us desperately needs God’s wisdom and sustaining grace.

We also need each other.


These moms have been in your shoes. Pull up a chair, and let their voices encourage, challenge and strengthen you to be the best mom you can be.


Since I can’t introduce (most of) you to the “iron women” I rub shoulders with in real life, I bring you today the voices of ten such people I’ve met online. Though I have not met any of them personally, each one has been an “iron woman” in my life. Some of them I am honored to count as friends. Others don’t even know I exist!

None of them, nor do I, have the last word on anything. I commend them to you because they have challenged, encouraged or strengthened me to be the best mom I can be to the glory of God.

So whether you have one child or ten – big kids, babies or everything in between . . . make a cup of tea, pull up a chair and soak in their practical wisdom. You’ll be glad you did.


These moms have been in your shoes. Pull up a chair, and let their practical wisdom encourage, challenge and strengthen you to be the best mom you can be.


Is the Demon of Comparison to Destroying Your Family? | Path Through The Narrow Gate

“The more that we believe that a perfect family exists, the more that we can become dissatisfied with our own imperfect families and imperfect situations.”

. . . . .

Chocolate-Covered Popcorn & 5 Other Habits of a Happy Family | Guilty Chocoholic Mama

“We are such a normal family, I can’t even talk about it, but if my adolescent daughters can unequivocally answer the question, ‘Do you think we have a happy family?’ with a ready ‘yes,’ something we’re doing must be working, by the grace of God.”

. . . . .

How To Grow Happy Kids Like Chick-Fil-A | Amy Dalke: The Bleachers & the Pew

“Soon after I gave up on Gratitude Ever Happening Here, it occurred to me that Chick-Fil-a’s success in creating a kind, courteous culture could not possibly be developed in an environment of hounding control.”

. . . . .

How To Kick the Competitive Habit | Amy Dalke: The Bleachers & the Pew

“We need to check our hearts before we head to the ballpark. Because we parents tend to make it about us.”

. . . . .

Perfectly Unperfect | The Cheerio Trail

“Life is hard. The battle rages fierce. We need each other. Sometimes all you can do is practice not quitting.”

. . . . .

The Secret to Being a Happy Mom | Arabah Joy

“I call it fast, furious, on-the-spot forgiveness and every happy mom practices it. With fierce regularity.”

. . . . .

To Parents Raising Dawdlers | Time Out With Becky Kopitzke

“What will you choose today, momma? Tasks and distractions? Or living in the moment, soaking up what matters?”

. . . . .

When Motherhood Doesn’t Feel Like a Calling | Redemption Diary

“Friend, we are all fighting the battles of wanting to be a better mother. It’s because we are human. The act of comparing ourselves to other women does nothing for us. When motherhood doesn’t feel like a calling we need to remember some things.”

. . . . .

Why I Don’t Want To Look Like a Good Parent Anymore | Not Consumed

“God didn’t call me to do this job because He was too busy. This is a partnership and He is the primary decision-maker.”

. . . . .

Why Your Children Annoy You and Homemaking is Boring | Generation Cedar

“Somewhere along the way, a few generations back, the priority of homes, children and husbands took a backseat to promised fulfillment.”

. . . . .

Your God Ordained Job For Today | Joy Filled Days

“Wherever you are today, the most remarkable thing you can do is to do good and serve the people right in front of you now, because the truth is that there are not many who are willing to embrace the mundane and obscure for the glory of God.”

. . . . .

5 Things I Wish Another Mom Had Said to Me | The Cheerio Trail

“Standing there in Target this week, I thought about how much I would have loved to hear words from a mom who remembered what it felt like, but had gotten far enough down the path to assure me it would get better.”

. . . . .

Do you have “iron women” in your life? Are you being one?


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  1. Abi, thanks for sharing this with us at Grace and Truth last week! 🙂 I know a few of these women and am so happy to see them on your list! I’ll have to check the others out, too.
    Jen @ Being Confident of This

  2. elizabeth959803 says:

    Oh my goodness…thank you for the lovely and humbling honor of being included on this list! What a sweet surprise! And now I look forward to being sharpened by these wonderful women and their wisdom you have so kindly compiled. Thank you so much, Abi!

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 Learning to have fun is something we’re working on, so you’re certainly an inspiration! Hope you find some encouraging gems here too, Elizabeth.

  3. I agree with what Christi said! The title grabbed me 🙂 And then to see the amazing women and articles in your list and find a few new ones… well, it is a humble honor to be there amidst the other iron sticks. Okay, maybe they are iron pendants and I’m the stick, lol! Appreciate you Abi!

    • Glad you like the title too, Arabah Joy. It is such a blessing to benefit from all the wisdom and experience that God has shown through each of you ladies. (You’ve introduced me to a few of them!) I tell myself, “fast, furious forgiveness” often. Stay sharp and keep sharpening. 🙂

  4. Oh, Abi, what a blessing to be counted among your iron moms! Thank you so much for this encouragement. You are so right – we moms need to stick together. Iron to iron, sister! Blessings to you!

  5. I think we all have women in our lives that inspire us to be the best we can be. So glad to hear you have so many!
    Thanks for sharing at the Shine Blog Hop!

  6. Oh, my!

    So I come over here because your title ROCKS and caught my eye on Grace & Truth … Then, I see it’s you. And I’m like “Oh, good! I LOVE her” (Linkups are kinda like a roulette wheel … or a box of chocolates … you never know what you’re gonna get.)

    Anyway… I start reading and see familiar names and think, “Oh, yes. I love her too!”

    And then I keep reading.

    And guess what I find.

    Honored to be on your list. But sweet sister, the feeling is SO mutual. I am glad you are here and thankful to be walking this journey alongside you. Blessed by your words ~ even when they aren’t about my words. But so encouraged today at this bonus hug God left for me through you.

    • I’m so encouraged that you appreciate my title, Christi! I agree about link-ups . . . hard to know what you’re going to get, and I always love it when I hit someone I recognize and respect too. Happy to bless you and have you in my life as a blessing.

  7. Life Breath Present says:

    Yes, we all need others to help strengthen, guide, support, and encourage us as we continue on our separate (though often similar) paths in life, especially as wives and mothers! 🙂

  8. I am reading through these. Thank you so much, Abi, for this great list and for introducing us to women who can speak wisdom into our lives. May God bless you!


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